BanglarBhumi Khatian No RS-LR Plot Information

BanglarBhumi Khatian No RS-LR Plot Information

The governmnet of India has launched a Digital India program for the development of India. The government has launched this program in the year 2015. The objective of the government behind this program is to remove the middleman in the scheme.

The benefits that are provided by the government directly reach the beneficiaries. Through this scheme, the government will digitize all the processes and documents of the government. The government is launched many schemes for the citizens of India.

In addition to the scheme, the government is also launching a portal for that scheme. This portal will help the citizens of India to get complete and accurate information to the citizen in an online mode.

The government will give the benefits of the scheme directly to the citizen of India. The program will destroy the middleman process, and the total amount of the benefits is completely given to the beneficiaries only. We will discuss one of the portals launched by the West Bengal government for the land records as the digital India program.

About Banglarbhumi Portal:

As we all know, the Bengal government has launched this portal as a part of the Digital India program. Through this portal, the government will digitize all the land records on the website. The people can now see the information on their land on the government paper in an online mode.

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The state of their land record application can also be available in an online manner. This portal will provide all the information related to the land records. With the help of the portal, the applicant can get the land documents online mode. The applicant will also be able to get various certificates in an online way.

Previously, to get the information and documents related to the land record, a person has to visit the concerned department of the government. The government office related to the land record will keep all the documents with them, and if any person wants the information, they have to visit the department.

This process is a very time-consuming process for the person. However, In today’s CORONA world, it is necessary for all the people that without any emergency, they have to stay at home only.

List of the service available on the portal:

On the portal, the government of West Bengal provides many services. The list of services is available below. The government of West Bengal is making available almost all the services on this portal to make the process easier.

This will make the process of getting information related to various services easier. You have to download the portal on the play store, and you can see all the information about the land records on the portal only. The name of different services that are available on the portal is given below:

  • The citizen-centric services
  • Map and record of the state in digitization
  • Preparation, updating, and maintenance
  • The information related to the distribution of land
  • The management of ISU
  • The services of rent controller
  • The information about Indo-Bangladesh boundary demarcation
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Procedure to Log in:

However, we all know that to get the information through the portal, you have register yourself on the official website of the scheme. The person has to log in on the portal. There are many processes available on the official website for the login.

The person has to follow the login procedure to get the information. The step by step information for the log in is explained below:

  • For the login purpose, you have to visit the official website of land records. The link to the official website is Banglarbhumi.
  • On the website, you have click on the citizen services tab.
  • The next page will open. On the next page, you have to select on the ‘department users’
  • After clicking on the department users, you have to enter your id and password of the person.
  • The person can log in to the portal, and you are logged in as a user of the concerned department.