Atal School Vardi Yojana 2020 – Free Uniform Scheme for Students in Himachal Pradesh

Education is the best to gain knowledge of the world. A person should take primary, secondary, and higher secondary level education in their life. Without education, A person can not survive in this fast world.

The education sector is the primary sector for all the governments of the world. The government is always trying to give the best education to its citizens. As the citizens of the nation will educate themselves, the nation will develop smoothly.

That means the education level is high in any country, then that country’s growth will be higher. Education will help every way in life. It will help the nation to grow fastly. It will help the government to accept new things fastly.

The research and development of the nation will also be grown up. The GDP of the nation will reach its peak. It is easy to run the government in an educated country. These are the benefits of government with educated citizens.

Education will also help a person to become a good citizen as well as good human beings. To become a responsible and reasonable human being, education plays a significant role. Here, we will talk about India. India is having a low rate of literacy. However, India is not a developed country.

India has its name in a developing country. India needs to improve the country’s education level to become a developed country, as we all know that India has a low literacy level. Poverty is increasing in India day by day.

However, poverty and education are interconnected. I will explain to you the relation between the poverty level and literacy level. If a person does not have money to survive, then he/she will not spend his money on education. They only find money to survive.

If a person is well settled, then he will spend his money to educate himself or his children. In India, a lot amount of people is suffering from poverty, and they do not have enough money to survive. However, the Indian government is trying to improve the economic condition of people.

About Atal School Vardi Yojana 2020

The Indian government is launching many schemes that will help low-income families economically. The government is trying its best. It is our duty to take advantage of the government scheme. Today, I will explain to you about one of the government schemes.

The government of Himachal Pradesh launches the scheme. To increase the education level in Himachal Pradesh, the government makes a scheme to encourage the students to do study. The government is providing free uniforms under this scheme.

The Himachal Pradesh government is decided to contribute some amount of money from the state budget for improving the education level of the state. The government decided to give two pairs of uniforms to every student. However, the government offers free uniforms to the students of Government schools only. That means a school that is totally funded by the government is only applicable.

The student of government school will get the benefits of uniforms from the government under this scheme. The name of the scheme is given by the Himachal Pradesh Government that is Atal school Vardi Yojana 2020.

The name of the scheme is on our former prime minister Shri. Atal Bihari Bajpayee. The students who are studying in class 1 to class 12 will get the advantage of this scheme. Every year, the students get two pairs of the uniform. Under this scheme, the government will distribute the uniform from the year  2018-19, 2019-20 & 2020-21.

In Atal School Vardi Yojana, approximately 8,30,945 the number of students had already received the benefits of this scheme. Every student will get two pairs of uniforms from the school. The total budget allocated to the scheme is 73.5 crores.

In addition to the uniforms, the government will also give the schoolbag to 1st, 6th, and 9th class students. That means students will get the school uniform plus school bags from the government. But the school bag will not be given to all the students. The students who are studying in class 1st, class 6th, and class 9th are only eligible to get the school bags from the government.

HP Free School Uniform Scheme – Atal School Vardi Yojana 2020

As we know that under this scheme, the Himachal Pradesh government is distributing the school uniforms and school bags to government schools. However, the government has already started the distribution of the school uniforms and school bags under this scheme.

The government has launched this scheme to encourage the children to do the study. The main objective of the scheme is to increase the number of students present in the government school.

The Himachal Pradesh government wants that more students can take part in this scheme, and they will get the two pairs of uniforms. The government is providing benefits to the children of low-income families so that they can send their children to school. Due to their poor economic condition, they can not have to drop the study.

Himachal government wants to decrease the dropout ration of the state. Because of poor financial conditions, many children have to drop their studies and have to work for someone to gain money. The government wants that the family does not have to lift the weight of children’s study.

However, the government has to give the proper situation for every family so that their children can get primary education. It is a duty of every government as well as a directive principle of the state policy of the Indian constitution.

Progress of Atal Vardi Yojna Till August 2020

As said above, the government has already started the process of distributing the school uniforms and school bags to state-owned schools. The government has distributed two pairs of uniforms, approximately 8.3 lakh students.

Also, about 2.5 lakh students have to get school bags that are studying in class 1t, class 6th, class 9th. The Chief Miniter of Himachal Pradesh Shri. Jai ram Thakur has taken a decision to distribute the uniforms and school bags to the government-owned school in the cabinet meeting of Himachal Pradesh.