[Rs. 50,000] Assam One Time Grant for Media Personality Scheme for Journalists

[Rs. 50,000] Assam One Time Grant for Media Personality Scheme for Journalists

Media is a part of Indian politics. The freedom of Media is most important to listen to the common men’s voice. The steps that are taken by the government for the people of India are really beneficial for them or not; the detailed information on this matter will give the media of the nation.

However, the media should also maintain the law and condition of government. As the media telecast the failure or lower man problems to the country, the media also have to telecast the success story of the government to the nation.

All people should know about the government’s steps towards the public. The information related to the government schemes should be given to the public via media. To encourage the media towards the government, the Assam government has decided to provide financial incentives to the journalist who has published at least three success stories of government in the last one year.

Now, it will be possible for the citizens to get an appraisal from the government whenever the journalist will post about their success stories. It will be possible for the journalist to work their way out in order to progress greatly. The government is going to launch a new scheme for the benefits of media personalities.

The state government of Assam will be providing a great amount of incentive to people working hard in media. The Assam One Time Grant for the media personality scheme will make sure to help the journalists and media personalities.

In this article, we will discuss the Assam government scheme for the journalist to give financial assistance.

Assam One Time Grant For Media Personality Scheme:

As we mention above that this scheme will only benefit the person who is doing journalism. Recently, media play the most crucial role in the nation’s polity. The ruling party and opposition party controversies are telecast in front of the whole country.

The voice of the common man and their problems is also telecast before the nation. Under this scheme, the Assam government will offer the financial incentive to the journalist who has published not less than three success stories of government in the past one year.

A person who has done the same work in the past one year can apply for the scheme. The Assam government will encourage those people who have to publish the scheme of government and success story of government.

However, the Assam government will only give the one time grant. Not every month, the person will get a grant from the government. However, only those journalists will be awarded who do not connect to any political party.

The main objective of the government’s one-time grant is to encourage the journalist to become unbiased, not partial, and bonafide, and not attached to any political party. The journalist should be true and not a biased sentenced person.

With the help of this scheme, the person can get financial assistance from the government, and they can use this in their needs. If any journalist with law income and he/she can not be connected to any other political party can apply for the scheme.

We will give you the eligibility criteria of the scheme so that the journalist person can come to know for the application for the scheme.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme:

  • The journalist should permanent residence of the Assam state.
  • The journalist should have the card which defines themselves as a journalist that is DIPR, Assam.
  • The person who is applying for the scheme should be experienced. The government has decided the experience years is at least 15 years.
  • The age of the person for the application in the scheme should not less than 40 years.
  • The government has also set the bise of annual income. That means the person should not exceed the value of annual income. If the person has more than an annual income, then you can not apply for the scheme. The government set the annual income boundary is 5 lakh. More than 5 lakh annual income will not be eligible for the scheme.
  • The person or journalist person should not connect to any political party.
  • It is necessary for the person that he/she shouldn’t punish by the court for any criminal offense.
  • The person should not officially dismiss from the press council of India for the miss behavior or violation of any laws or any other reason.