Assam Atal Amrit Abhiyan Health Insurance Scheme 2021 – Apply Form / Hospitals List / Eligibility / Card / Documents

Assam Atal Amrit Abhiyan Health Insurance Scheme 2021 – Apply Form / Hospitals List / Eligibility / Card / Documents

Every person should have to take care of self-health. Health is the most important thing for any human. With good health, humans can do every work effectively, so that we should make some financial arrangements for our health. The leader of the family should also take care of the health of the family.

There is some family whose financial condition is not good. They are daily earners. That means they have to earn daily for everyday food. The vegetable vendors, fruit vendors, etc. are the ordinary earner.

They do not have the money for the health emergency of their family. However, every person should have to save some money for the health emergency of the family.

In India, the level of poverty is very high, and due to this, people do not have money to save. They only have money to buy food for their survival.

For this reason, the government gives financial facilities for the health emergency of low-income families. The government will provide Insurance facility for the health of poor people.

There are so many people out there who are not capable of earning sufficient to fulfill the basic necessities. That is why it will not be possible for people to have such a great amount of money for health and medical purposes.

The state government of Assam is thinking about the poor people of the state. So the government is launching a new scheme that goes by the name, Assam Amrit Abhiyan Health Insurance Scheme.

Here, we will get the information about the insurance scheme that is launched by the Assam government.

About Assam Amrit Abhiyan Health Insurance Scheme 2021

As we know that the scheme named Assam Atal Amrit Abhiyan health insurance scheme is one type of insurance that is provided by the state government of Assam to the citizens of the Assam state.

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The government will provide health insurance of Rs.2 lakh for each and every family of the Assam state.

Rs.2 lakh health insurance will be given to each family of the Assam state is for one year. That means if any medical emergency arrives in the family and they do not have enough money to take treatment, then the government will give them Rs. 2 lakh rupee under the insurance for treatment of the family.

However, there are many other terms and conditions under the insurance scheme. Every applicant should have to read all the terms and conditions before taking advantage of this scheme. This scheme was launched on 25 December 2016 and still in force by the government of Assam.

This scheme is a state government scheme, so the benefits of this scheme are only applicable to the citizens of the state.

The scheme is launched to give insurance security to the BPL(below the poverty level), APL(above the poverty level) families. The health insurance is provided to the family for specific, sudden health issues. We will guide you about the health issue under which you can get the benefits of this insurance.

To get insurance from the government, the person has to visit the official website of the scheme. They have to register themselves and fill the application form for the insurance cover of the family.

The user can see the application form from the official website of the scheme. However, there are some provisions of this insurance. Not for all the health issues or diseases, you will get health insurance.

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Diseases covered under this scheme

There is some disease decided by the government of Assam under which the person will get the financial cover of insurance from the Assam government.

The selected disease are Kidney related diseases, Neo-natal disease, the disease connected to the brain and heart, cancer of any organ of the body, injuries that are due to burning, cardiovascular disease, etc.

The candidates will get the insurance cover if they are suffering from the above disease. To avail of the benefits of the insurance scheme, the person should have to take the treatment in hospitals that is permitted in the insurance.

The meaning of that if any person wanted to get the financial cover in terms of insurance from the government. Then they have to take the treatment from the government-aided hospitals and CGHS hospitals in the state.

Till this date, there is a specific amount of registration arrived from the BPL and APL family of the state. So they will not have to worry about any kind of issue at all.

Application Form of Atal Amrit Abhiyan

The Assam government has provided insurance cover to the citizens of the state. They will give Rs. 2 lakh to every family who has applied to this scheme. The person has to apply in this scheme for the benefits.

The person has to take an extended visit to the official website and register themselves on the official website. We will aware of the scheme application form process. You can take a visit to the steps of the application process.

  • First of all, the person should visit the official website. The person should have information about the official website. No need t get the information from anywhere. We will provide you the link to the official website of this scheme. The lin of the official website is
  • The link will lead you to the official web page of the site. The government of Assam develops this site. On this site, you have to click on the Atal Amrit Abhiyan Application Format to download the application form of the scheme.
  • When you click on the tab as mentioned earlier, then the application form will be downloaded on your PC in a PDF form. After downloading the process, the person should have to take a look at the application form.
  • In the application form, there is much information sought by the government for verification purposes. Surely, You have to fill in every piece of information on the application form and submit it to the government office. The government will verify all the details that you have given in the application form.
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Document Requirements for Atal Amrit Abhiyan

With the application form, the person should have to submit some documents. The government has to verify each and every document of the person for the assurance of the government. The name of the documents that are necessary for the person to give with the application form is as below:

  • The water Id card of the person
  • EPIC card. If any person is in minors, they have to show the original birth certificate)
  • Income certificate of the applicant.
  • If the candidate has the NFSA card, then the person can show it to the government. It is considered a valid document.
  • The photograph of the person.