(Application) Inter Cast Marriage Scheme Gujarat 2021: Apply Online

(Application) Inter Cast Marriage Scheme Gujarat 2021: Apply Online

The government of Gujarat has launched many schemes for the betterment of the people of the state. Every government scheme is for the development of the people only. The government is also launching every scheme in considering the necessity of the citizens and the state’s development.

The benefits of the scheme will change the citizen’s life. However, the government is making every scheme to improve the living standard of the people. This article will discuss and get information about one of the Gujarat government schemes for the state’s young generation.

This scheme will also help reduce the state’s communalism and help remove the untouchability in society.

About Dr. Ambedkar Scheme for Social Integration through Inter-Caste Marriages scheme:

In India, marriage depends upon the caste. The background of caste is necessary for a Hindu marriage. The caste is also sub-divided into the upper caste and lower caste. But the conflict between the upper caste and the lower cast is often happening. Untouchability is indeed the worst thing in India. However, Untouchability is banned by the constitution of India.

To remove the untouchability is the fundamental right of every Indian citizen. The great Mahatma Gandhi has also given a message to remove the untouchables from society. In Article 17 of the Indian constitution, the government has added the article of untouchability.

However, in the real-life in India, there are some areas where untouchability is still present. Every government has to remove the untouchable from its ground. The government has launched this scheme to remove the same.

This scheme is also related to article 17 of the Indian constitution that is untouchable. I think this is the best idea to remove untouchability from society. The government will give financial assistance to the couple who married the scheduled caste person.

There are also some eligibility criteria for the scheme to get the financial incentive. The government gives this scheme the name inter-caste marriage. In applying the scheme, the person has to marry the person with a scheduled caste.

The condition is one person in the couple should belong to a non-scheduled caste, and one person should belong to a scheduled caste.

Eligibility Criteria of the Scheme:

the government will give financial assistance to the couple under this scheme. The condition to get financial assistance is the couple should belong to scheduled caste and non-scheduled caste.

There are many requirements for the scheme. The government has set some requirements and set the conditions that if the couple fulfills the scheme’s requirements, then only they will able to get the benefits of the scheme.

  • To get the scheme’s benefits, one person should belong to a scheduled caste, and the other person should belong to a non-scheduled caste.
  • The marriage of the couple should be valid under the Hindu marriage act, 1955.
  • The marriage affidavit that proves the couple is legally married to each other should be submitted to the government to get the scheme’s advantage.
  • In case the person is doing a second marriage, they will not be allowed the benefits of the scheme.
  • To get the benefits of the scheme, the couple has to submit their required document to the government under this scheme within one year.
  • If any couple has submitted the false document to the government to avail of the benefits of the scheme, then strict action will be taken by the government under the law in force.

Benefits of the scheme:

As we know that the government will give the financial incentive to the couple if they married to the scheduled caste person. We will give you the information about the incentive that the government will give under this scheme.

The government will offer Rs.25,000 for household purposes to the couples. The other Rs.25,000 is given to the couple for the saving certificates. This way, the government will give a total of Rs.50,000 to the couple who marry under this scheme.

It will be possible for the couple to get a huge amount of reward from the government if they are following the inter-caste marriage. You must know that there are so many people who do not believe in inter-caste marriage. That is why the government of Gujarat did launch the inter-caste marriage scheme 2021.

The government is providing several benefits to the couple who are doing inter-caste marriage. It is only to promote marriages among different caste of people. So we will suggest that you should check for the government schemes if you are going to do inter-caste marriage.