Apple’s AirPower shows signs of life

The AirPower, a wireless charging base that Apple canceled in 2019, leaked into a series of photographs that fuel its possible release.

Jon Prosser, a renowned Apple product filter, released images of the alleged pad. The AirPower seen in the image appears charging an Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time, but there is a space where you could place an iPhone and simultaneously charge all three products.

Well, you guys wanted a better picture of “C68”… 😏

Remember how I said that the main problem was that current prototypes didn’t support Apple Watch?


They got the Watch working… 👀

Prosser says the early prototypes of the AirPower charged the iPhone and AirPods well, but charging the battery towards the Apple Watch was causing problems. In the image, the Apple Watch appears to be charging, and Prosser says the prototype is working well with the watch.

In April, Prosser himself said that an Apple team called “Sharing and Proximity” was working on a project known internally as C68. On that occasion, the filter also published a somewhat blurred image of the product.

Apple announced the AirPower in 2017 as the ideal companion for the iPhone, which for the first time had wireless charging. The charging base, throughout 2017 and 2018 was conspicuous by its absence and it was until the beginning of 2019, citing problems for meeting quality standards, that Apple canceled the project.

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With the developer event WWDC Around the corner, if the AirPower is ready, Apple may give details of its rebirth on June 22, during the event’s opening conference. At WWDC, Apple is expected to announce its new operating systems, and there may be room for new iMac and AirPods products.

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