Apple releases iOS 13.5.1 to block the jailbreak

Apple released iOS version 13.5.1 for the iPhone and it fixes security bugs.


Apple released the week of June 1 important updates for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV y HomePod.

All available updates are important and it is suggested to install them soon, but iOS 13.5.1 for iPhone is the most relevant of all, as it includes security patches to disable the jailbreak which has been available for a few days.

Apple released iOS 13.5 on May 20, but a few days later hackers specialized had already released the tool jailbreak. The term of jailbreak It is used to refer to the practice of removing software restrictions created by Apple in order to, among other things, make modifications, install unauthorized software, and give more permissions to users.

The hackers Creators of the software and Apple have a cat-mouse relationship. While Apple tries to close all vulnerabilities exploited by hackersThey are looking for new ways to bypass the company’s restrictions. And this story repeats itself with each new version of iOS released.

Editor’s Note: Jailbreaking a device loses the warranty or could affect its operation, even rendering it unusable. CNET en Español is not responsible for damage and does not recommend jailbreaking.

In addition to iOS 13.5.1, Apple released tvOS 13.4.6, watchOS 6.2.6 and macOS Catalina 10.15.5. All of these updates do not include major changes, nor do they add new features; what they do is to close any known vulnerability to make systems more secure.

Updates can be done from the configuration of each product, except the HomePod and Apple Watch; Updates to these two products are made from the iPhone in the Home app and the Watch app, respectively.

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