Apple locks iPhone stolen during looting in the United States

Apple stores are being targeted by looters, and the company protects the facades and products inside.

Shara Tibken / CNET

Apple disables the iPhones that are being stolen during the recent looting in the United States, and warns about its collaboration with law enforcement organizations.

According to Forbes, people who are stealing Apple products, when turning on one of these, see a message on the screen. “This device has been disabled,” says the notification. “Local authorities have been alerted.”

Forbes says this feature was highly rumored but had never been seen in action. The software tool was created specifically for these occasions when Apple stores, for their highly desired products, are targeted by looters.

The United States has experienced in recent days a wave of peaceful protests in favor of equity and justice. However, looters have not missed the opportunity to do their wrongdoing. According to Forbes, Apple stores in Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia have been looted. Apple announced the closure of several of its stores in the country and created fences around some, such as the iconic “Cube” in Manhattan.

Apple’s alert includes the store information from which the iPhone was stolen and asks the person holding it to return it. This tool is one of the ones that Apple offers for when an iPhone is stolen, lost or lost. The company offers Find, a feature for users to locate or lock a missing iPhone.

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