Apple launches interest-free financing for iPad, iMac and AirPods

Apple began offering interest-free financing on the purchase of its products with the Apple Card.

Without much fanfare, as of Monday, June 15, Apple already offers the possibility of deferring purchases made with the Apple Card and apple products. The 9to5Mac site discovered this change that had long been rumored.

Prior to Monday’s change, Apple offered interest-free financing with the Apple Card but only on iPhone purchases. The new form of interest-free financing covers purchases of any other product, be it iPad, iMac, Apple Pencil and even AirPods Pro.

Deferred payments can vary, says 9to5Mac. The iMac or iPad have financing of up to 12 months, but AirPods, being cheaper products compared to tablets and computers, only allow up to six months of financing. All Apple products enter the promotion, except the Apple Watch.

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To make a deferred purchase without interest you must have an Apple Card credit card. Despite being a purchase for months without interest, Apple will continue to offer a refund of 3 percent of each purchase in money to the user.

Apple started offering interest-free financing since December, when it started offering this facility but only for the iPhone.

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