AP YSR Bheema Scheme 2020 – Insurance Coverage for Primary Bread Earners of BPL Families

AP YSR Bheema Scheme 2020 – Insurance Coverage for Primary Bread Earners of BPL Families

Andhra Pradesh governmnet is launching the YSR Bheema scheme for the poor people of the state. This scheme is about the insurance scheme. The government will give insurance to the low-income people of the state.

Under this scheme, the government will provide the daily earners’ insurance for their security. The government will provide insurance cover to the people of the state.

The insurance cover means the government will give one paper on which it is written that if the primary earner’s person’s death occurs, then the government of Andhra Pradesh will give a specified amount of money to the family of the person.

This scheme is for the small earners of the Andhra Pradesh state. Andhra Pradesh state will provide the daily earners with insurance cover for their security purpose. So that after the death of the primary earners’ member of the family, the family can claim the insurance in the insurance company.

The insurance company will give the insurance money to the family of the person. With the help of the money, the family can start a new business for their survival. Or the family can also put that money on the interest loan so that they can get the interest in from the bank on their investment.

Andhra Pradesh YSR Bheema Scheme 2020:

the poverty level is continuously increasing in the state. To reduce the poverty level in the state, the government is applying many schemes in the state. The government is giving the relaxation in the loan payment time of the farmers of the state.

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For the businessman of the state, the government makes the rules of the business easier. So that the person will get the benefits of the rules of the law.

The citizens of the state should have to take the benefits of the state that is announced by the government of the state. With the help of the benefits of the state government scheme, people can increase their growth.

However, the government is launching the scheme for the betterment of the scheme. Under this scheme, the state government will give the insurance cover to the poor people of the scheme.

However, in the insurance scheme, the person has to pay the premium of the insurance every year. However, the government is giving insurance to poor people so that poor people can not pay insurance to the insurance company.

So that the government decided to pay the premium on behalf of the poor people of the Andhra Pradesh state.

The government will give the benefits of insurance to the poor people in addition to that, the premium of the insurance will also be paid by the Andhra Pradesh government only. The state government has allocated more than Rs.510 crore to the scheme.

So that more and more amount of people can get insurance coverage from the government. Under the scheme, the government will cover 1.41 crore ” Primary Bread earners” of the state.

However, this scheme mainly for the primary bread earners of the state. Those bread earners have to earn every day and eat every day.

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Category Wise Insurance Coverage Of the AP YSR Bheema Scheme:

The government has made the category for the insurance cover to give the various people of the state. We will provide you with information about the various category of insurance cover in this article.

  • If the person is in the age between 18 to 50 years, then the government will give them accidental insurance death. However, if due to an accident, the person causes permanent disability in the body the also the government will provide them with the insurance of Rs. 5 lakh of the amount.
  • The people with the age group 51 to 70 years will get Rs.3 lakh insurance from the government.
  • If the natural death occurs in the age group of 18 to 50 years, then the government will give them an Rs.2 lakh insurance cover.


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