Anupamaa 17 May Shocking Health Report of Anupama – Latest Update

Anupamaa 17 May Shocking Health Report of Anupama – Latest Update

In the last episode, we have seen in the serial Anupama that Vanraj and Anupama are going to court for diverse, and they are going to sign the divorce papers.

They both are remembering their moments with each other. Kavya is not feeling good for Anupama. Now we will talk about today’s episode of Anupama.

Anupamaa Shocking Health Report

The episode is started with the scene of Vanraj and Anupama with Jeete Hai Chal song. Vanraj does not want to take a divorce from Anupama, and Anupama is doing exactly the opposite.

However, Vanraj and Anupama recall their memory of the past. The judge asked both the couple to get sign fast. Anupama looks at Kavya and remembers her promise, and then she signs the divorce on the paper.

As Vanraj does not wants to take a divorce from Anupama, so he is not taking pen first. As the judge is asking, doing fast, then Vanraj is going to take the pen from Anupama.

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Anupama and Vanraj are looking at each other. During this time, Samar is getting the message, and Shah comes to know about Varaj and Anupama’s divorce.

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However, Kavya is getting happy to know about the divorce. As kavya wants the divorce between Anupama and Vanraj, then she gets happy to know divorce.

In the next moments, Anupama called Vanraj Mr. Shah. Kavya is feeling guilty that she belongs to Vanraj’s family.

Vanraj replies to Anupama that she has broken the relationship between them now she does not have any right to brother his heart.