Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal Know all schemes and Services

Know all schemes and Services of Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal

For Haryana State People, Government has launched Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal. Though Official Website of Antyodaya Saral Haryana you can enter into that portal.

Here we are talking about Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal which gives so many benefits to Centric Service people. We will surely go through the registration and Login Details of the Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal.

We will add the below points in this post. Also, these are about the Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal, through these points you will know everything about Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal.

  1. About of Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal
  2. Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal Login and Registration
  3. Scheme and Services of Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal
  4. Features of Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal

Now let’s move on to the brief department of this post,

First, we are starting from the Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal.

  1. About on Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal

Antyodaya Saral Haryana is for Haryana People, This scheme is available for all Haryana Citizens, and they will get the beneficiary schemes over 520+. So these Saral schemes are available for services such as dairy loans, pension, and ration cards. All these things are surely available in PDF on Antyodaya Haryana Saral Portal.

Also, the website of Antyodaya Haryana Saral Portal is

This website URL gives you detailed scheme information of Antyodaya Haryana Saral Schemes, Benefits, and Services. Antyodaya Saral Portal is also a part of Digital India Vision. These Saral Portal included Faceless, Paperless, Cashless, and Scheme Delivery Model of the various services.

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Haryana Government’s target is to complete digitization in their state. But they want to transform all their services into digital programs. So they Announced 520 plus schemes and services, in this figure total of 236 schemes and 290 plus services are included in the Saral portal.

  1. Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal Login and Registration

In this portion, we will go through on Login as well as Registration Details of Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal.

After the Below portion, you will understand the procedure of Login and Registration of Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal.

Step – 1

In the first step, you have to open the Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal Official website. Through URL you will redirect to the Website.

Step – 2

When the homepage of Saral Portal will open you will see a login page. A candidate who has already an account on the Antyodaya Saral Portal can See the Login and Track application status of the official website. Existing candidates are login into this portal through their password and ID. Also, they can track their Application via ID and Password.

Step – 3

Now, what next for those who are new to Antyodaya Saral Portal? They have to register themselves.

For, Registration, on the login page you can see “New User? Register Here” Button, Click on this button and then the Registration Page of Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal will open.

Now, you have to enter such details as Full Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Password, and State. Enter these details, and verify these details before submit. Then click on the “Validate” button.

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By clicking on the Validate button, your registration was complete, and then you can log in and track the application on Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal. Now, you can see Haryana Government Services and Schemes.

  1. Scheme and Services of Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal

Here, we will introduce the path of various schemes and services of the Haryana Government on Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal.

A total of 38 departments is included in the services and scheme on Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal. In these departments, 520 plus schemes and services are announced for Haryana Citizens.

Ration Card, Dairy Items, Roadways, Transportation, Pension, Home Loans are included in these Schemes and Services. More details you can find out from Services and Scheme’s PDF

Schemes and Services PDF Download Link:

From the above link, you can download Antyodaya Saral Haryana Schemes and Services PDF Pamphlet.

Here, we have listed out some schemes and services which are a basic need for Haryana Citizens. Such Schemes and services are Resident Certificates, Issue of New Ration Card, Old Age Samman Allowance, Dealer Point Registration, Income Certificate, Dr. Ambedkar Medhavi Chattar Yojna, Application for New Electricity Connection, Micro Nutrient Fertilizer, Bicycle Scheme, and Marriage Registration.

For all these Services and schemes Haryana Candidate does not have to visit field offices, all of these works will be completed via Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal.

For more Schemes and Services you can Visit below Website URL.

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Search Schemes and Services:

  1. Features of Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal

Now, the final portion of this post is about Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal Features.

Haryana citizens can access Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal from anywhere and anytime. The live tracking application of this portal will give you the affirmation of your schemes and services delivery. This portal is purely made for Haryana Citizen’s digitization.

Based on services progress you can renew your services and schemes through Antyodaya Saral Haryana Portal. You can give a rating after the delivery of Services and schemes. Based on RTS Compliance, Customer Rating and other delivery aspect Government review all departments.

If the requested file of Services and Schemes are pending then the Government takes action against the officials of respected departments.

We hope that this article was helpful to all the people of the state of Haryana. The state government of Haryana will be providing so many benefits to the citizens. So it will be essential for all the Haryana State citizens to read this article to the end. Make sure to know about each and every important detail before you will register yourself.

The Antyoday Haryana Saral Portal is indeed a helpful as well as a useful portal that everyone should use.