Annapurna Akshaya Patra Yojana 2020 – Meal Scheme (Rs. 10) in Chandigarh

Annapurna Akshaya Patra Yojana 2020 – Meal Scheme (Rs. 10) in Chandigarh

Annapurna Akshaya Patra Scheme is one type of meal scheme for the poor people of the state. The government of Punjab and the government of Haryana have jointly introduced this scheme for Chandigarh.

However, many poor people exist in the nation. The government will help them with an increase in income and provide them with food. There are many schemes available for the people of various states.

The government will help them financially and economically also. However, the government is now providing the house through the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana to the Poor people of the nation.

With the help of many schemes that are launched by the various state government and central government will definitely support the poor people, privileged people, socially backward people of the nation. The government is always trying to develop those people.

What is Annapurna Akshay Patra Scheme 2020:

Well, the Punjab government and the Haryana government will combine to contribute to the scheme so that this scheme will effectively be implemented in Chandigarh. However, the government will provide food packages to the poor people and needy people of the state.

It is sure that this new government scheme will be able to provide a lot of happiness and relief to all the poor people. The Annapurna Akshay Patra Scheme is specially implemented for people who hardly have money to fulfill their basic necessities.

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You must know that the state government of Punjab and Haryana will together provide the scheme benefit to the Chandigarh state. There is a large number of people who will be able to avail of the benefit of this Anapurna Akshay Patra Scheme 2020. It will be possible that with the help of this scheme, no poor will sleep on a hungry stomach.

In Chandigarh, this scheme is already being popular for poor people. However, the government is helping them and providing them food packages. The government will charges nominal to the poor people.

In the minimum charges only, poor people can take the food packages from the government. The government only charges Rs. 10 for the one-time food packages.

About the Annapurna Akshaya Patra Yojana 2020 

The government will give the food packages to the people for the state of Chandigarh. However, the government has already launched the scheme in which the poor people can get the ration from the fair price shop at nominal prices.

This time the government will give the food packages to the poor people and needy people.

However, in this lockdown situation, the condition of poor people become worst. To help them out, the government has introduced this scheme.

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The name of the scheme is the Annapurna Akshay Patra Scheme. In the food packet, six chapatis, vegetables, and pickles in included.

All poor people and low-income people will get the chapatis, vegetables, and pickles from the food packet from the government.

However, the government will only give the food packet to the specified location of Chandigarh. The Punjab government and Haryana government has decided 5 location in the Chandigarh to distributes the food packets in the state.

If you are finding for the location of the Chandigarh state, then w will provide you the information about the area of the government on which they will disburse the food packets. The name of the location is given below:

  • Sector 26 of Chandigarh, Sabji mandi (Transport Area)
  • Labour chowk, Manimajara
  • Dhanas, labor chowk, near EWS colony
  • Ram Dadar, Labour chowk
  • Industrial area, phase 1, labor colony.

The main objective of the Annapurna Akshaya Patra Yojana 2020 :

The scheme was suggested by the REd cross society of Chandigarh. Under the scheme, the government will give affordable, hygiene, and nutritional food to the people of the state. The government wants to provide nutrition with full food packets to the labor and poor people of the state.

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The state government has launched this scheme, and they set many targets behind this scheme. The government ensures to provide the nutrition full food packets to the poor people.

They have to get good food so that the next day they can work efficiently. The Punjab government and the Haryana government have set the target to distribute 1000 packets to the poor people in one day.

However, the government will increase the target of more food packets to the poor people.

Salient Features of the Annapurna Akshaya Patra Yojana 2020 :

  • In the food packets, chapati, vegetable, and pickle include.
  • Every month the government will spend 3 lakh rupee for the 30,000 food packets.
  • The government will reach the 10,000 packets distribution to the poor people.
  • The government will distribute the food packet between 6 pm to 9 pm.
  • For the food packets, the government has set the kitchen from 70 lakhs rupee.