AIMS Portal | RESS Salary Slip Railway Employee, Download Pay Slip

AIMS Portal | RESS Salary Slip Railway Employee, Download Pay Slip

We all are aware of a list in which the name of India is not there. The list is about the name of developed countries in the world. India is on the way to become a developed country. India is making significant changes in its country.

We can say that in 2030, India will become a developed country. India is doing its best in development. However, the government of India is also announcing many schemes related to the development of India. However, India is developing very fastly in today’s era.

In comparison with past years, India is in an extraordinary situation. The economy of India is consistently increasing. India is contributing its considerable part to the world’s GDP. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the GDP of India is decreasing as the GDP of countries around the globe is also decreasing.

So it is not new for India. Without considering the situation of COVID-19, we can say that India is doing its best on the way to becoming a developed country. India is launching many programs in the country to update the nation.

AIMS Portal: Part of Digital India Program

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has announced a 20 lakh crore relief package for the citizens of India. This relief package is named as Aatman Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. Through this Abhiyan, India will become self-reliant and not depend on any other country.

Under this Abhiyan, the government has launched many schemes that will help the micro, small, and medium enterprises of India. That means the scheme will contribute financially to all the enterprises of India so that they can become self-reliant.

To become India self-reliant and take a step with the world’s country, the government of India has launched a digital India program. The digital India program is launch to digitize all the processes of government.

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With the help of this program, the government will digitize all the government offices and all government work. Under this digital India program, all the departments of the government will become digitized, and all the processes of the government will also digitize.

About AIMS Portal:

Today, we will come to know about the digitization process of the Railway department of the government of India. The railway department is one of the biggest and major departments that is working under the government of India.

This is the only department of the government that will work under full control of the central government. However, recently, after the corona crisis, the government has decided on the privatization of the Railway department.

Recently, the railway department has launched a portal name AIMS for the employee of the railway department. This Portal will help the railway employee in many ways. In this article, we will give you the use of this Portal for railway employees.

If you are doing the job in the railway department of the government of India and you want to know about the latest launched portal AIMS, then you have to read this full article.

RESS Salary Slip Railway Employee

This Portal is launched by the related authorities of the government of India to digitize the railway employee data. On this Portal, the information about the railway employee will be available.

The government will provide the salary slip information, leave information, pensions of the employee, health insurance of the employee information. That means the above information will be available on the AIMS portal, and the employee can operate this information on the Portal.

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You can check the Portal and your required document on the official website of the railway department. The railway department has launched this Portal for the employee of the railway department and giver them flexibility in the document availability.

However, in this CORONA world, no one should visit the area where a large amount of people is available. The Portal will help the employee of the railway department to know about their salary slip, their health insurance state, and their leave information.

The employee can get the information about their leave information, and they can decide that at which day they supposed to go to work.

Benefits & Features of AIMS Portal

In this article, I will count you the features and benefits of the Portal. If any railway employee wants to use this Portal, they must have to aware of the benefits of the Portal. The benefits of the Portal are as below:

  • With the help of this Portal, the employee can generate information about their salaries, their health insurance, their pension related news, and other useful information.
  • The employee of the railway department can able to download the payslip and salary slip on this Portal.
  • If any person wants to download this Portal, they can check the status of the train and schedule of the train also. Accordingly, they can plan their trip.
  • With the help of this Portal, the employee can save their time for gaining the information about salary slip, health insurance information, pension information, etc. That means the Portal will save the time of the employee and result in an increase in the efficiency of the work of the employee.
  • The main benefit of this Portal is that this Portal is a user-friendly portal. That means that this Portal is accessible in use. Any person without training can use this Portal very easily.
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Registration Procedure at AIMS Portal

  • To take advantage of this Portal, the employee has to register themselves on that Portal. The employee of the railway department can register on this Portal by visiting the official website of the Portal. The railway department has made the official website of this Portal is
  • You have to take a visit to the official website that links to that website is given above. You have to go on that link, and the official website of the Portal will on your display.
  • On the first page of the website, you have to click on the tab named employee self-services link.
  • When you click on the link named employee self-service, a new tab will open on your screen, and some information will seek by the Portal. You have to enter the information that is required.
  • You also have to enter your e-mail id and password on the Portal. This e-mail id will help you to alert about your status in the railway department by notification.
  • You ave to verify your e-mail id, an e-mail will be sent by the system on your mail-id.
  • After that, you can register yourself on the Portal. After registration, you will able to get the benefits of this Portal.