Afsos In Five Point: If you miss Amazon’s upcoming web series, don’t be ‘sorry’

Afsos In Five Point: In the entertainment world OTT platform has become popular among the audience in a very short time. There are many reasons behind this popularity, the most important of which can be considered to be the web series streamed in it. On Friday, February 7, another web series is going to entertain the audience. The title of this web series has been titled ‘Regret’. You may have your own opinion on whether or not to watch the web series. But there are some points that make this web series special. Let’s know …

1. Director Anubhav Kashyap

Anubhuti Kashyap is the sister of well-known director Anurag Kashyap. Anubhuti had earlier assisted Anurag Kashyap in films like ‘Dev D’ and ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. With ‘Ahap’, he is ready to make his digital debut.

2. Interesting concept

Watching the trailer, it is revealed that the main lead in this web series ‘Nakula’ is to end his life. Even after many unsuccessful attempts, he is not able to die. The interesting thing is that finally when the desire to live in him arises, then a woman named Upadhyay has taken the contract to kill him. Then the game of cat and mouse starts.

3. Star Cast

This is going to be the second digital project of Gulshan Dwaiya, who started his digital career with ‘Ghost Stories’. He is going to be seen playing the lead character in Ahap. Apart from him in this web series, Naseeruddin Shah’s daughter Heeba will also be seen.

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Nakula, who wishes to embrace death, falls in love. Nakula chooses life, not death, because of love. Upadhyay, who has taken the contract for his death, wants to kill him under any circumstances. The angle of love between life and death is going to be quite interesting.

5. The discomfort of viewers who have watched some episodes

You may have seen a few episodes of ‘Ahap’ in January due to the madness of the web series. This may sound strange, but it is true. Let me tell you that the web series ‘Ahap’ released today was scheduled to be released only in January, some episodes were also streamed in January, but due to technical problems, this web series was removed along with the trailer. In such a situation, there will be restlessness in the hearts of the viewers who have watched some episodes.

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