A zoo puts up clothes torn by lions and bears for survival

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Do you want denim pants ripped by the claws of lions and bears? Well, the North Safari Sapporo, a zoo in Japan, sells clothing with these characteristics to solve the economic problems caused by the absence of the public due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

The pants cost $ 639. But if they seem very expensive, you must take into account three things: they have already been tested and are resistant; they are ripped and look fashionable, and lastly you are directly benefiting the “designers” themselves — the animals.

The initiative is a crowdfunding (or crowdfunding) campaign, published on the Campfire platform in Japan. “Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we are forced to take long-term vacations. If this situation continues, it would jeopardize the survival of the zoo,” explained the financing site. “We look forward to your support to protect animals and this environment.”

The invention of jeans torn by animals is not original from North Safari. Yagiyama Zoo, also in Japan, put its lions, tigers and bears to work in partnership with a local retail chain to create something called “ZOO Jeans”, as we can see in the following video, which shows the “behind the scenes of the production”.

If you can’t buy these pants because they seem so expensive to you, the North Safari Sapporo also sells good luck charms, like snake shells, owl feathers, or lion hairs, made from the material animals leave in the park.

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The zoo also offers decorative items like snake shell keychains or beaver-bite wood cup holders. Each worth 3,000 yen, about $ 28 a change.

A zoo in trouble

The North Safari Sapporo claims to be the first contact zoo on the island of Hokkaido. For 15 years she has allowed her visitors to have a direct relationship with animals, an experience that they describe as “healer”.

In the petition to raise funds, North Safari Sapporo reported that it currently has 138 species and around 500 animals. However, from having more than 100,00 visitors a year, to having none due to the pandemic, they have run out of resources to pay the daily costs.

Animals like lions and tigers demand a lot of meat; In turn, large marine animals need large amounts of fresh fish, while exotic animals need an enormous amount of fruit. To the above, the costs of heating, cleaning and daily care must be added, even if the site is closed to the public.

“We want to thank everyone for their support and assistance in making this project a success,” concludes the text of the request for help at Campfire.