Why You Should Use Mobile Betting Apps

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Betting is an increasingly popular activity all over the world. And it’s no longer limited to sports alone – today, you can bet on things ranging from politics to the Oscars, not to mention eSports, the rising star of spectator sports. 

Many people around the world are flocking to high-street betting shops to place their bets. But today, there are many other options available, including user-friendly betting apps for smartphones. 

A quick and easy Betway app download can make your betting faster and easier. But these are just a few of the reasons why you should give it a try today – here are some more.

A complete list of markets

When using the Betway app, you’ll have every single sport at your fingertips – literally. The smartphone app has the entire list of sports and other markets available at Betway, covering everything from alpine skiing to virtual sports, from the English Premier League to the Rugby League World Cup. All this through a simple, easy to use interface that will always be easily accessible wherever you are.

Never miss an offer

Bonuses and special offers, increased payouts for certain events, special coverage of major international events, and everything in between: when you have a betting app installed on your smartphone, you will never miss them. The app will send you a notification about any of these offers, and more – it will let you know whether your betting slips are winners as well.

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And most importantly, it will let you know if there are any sporting events you’ll have a chance to follow as it happens – on the go.

Live streaming

Having a betting app on your phone can give you access to something many of us crave: live streaming of sporting events. These types of services are usually tricky because of the matter of broadcast rights – sports TV channels usually secure exclusive rights to the events of certain leagues or tournaments. 

Even in this complex ecosystem, there are events that can be followed online as they happen through the platforms of betting apps. Don’t expect to see the matches of the top English Premier League teams or the finals of the major international tournaments – but you’ll have a chance to follow more than enough events to satisfy the sports fan in you.

And even for the events that are not streamed live, you’ll be able to follow the events as they happen – the platform will let you know of important things like goals or red cards, among others. Depending on the individual app, it may even send you push notifications about them.

Sports betting apps put an entire betting shop into your pockets – but if you are a sports fan, they can give you even more: a chance to keep your finger on the pulse of your favorite sports.