What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

The world has changed dramatically with the creation of mobile phones. Now it is possible to communicate with people around the world by spending only a couple of seconds in the process. But it also means that the way people spread information in the business sector has also changed significantly. It is very important to have an opportunity of providing info on the brand to the wide audience of users quickly and a dedicated text SMS service can help with that. It is relatively easy to simply find a proper way of delivering bulk SMS that is going to be well structured and sent to thousands of users at once. The best way to do that is by contacting true professionals on the web, like our https://sempico.solutions/ text SMS service, as they know how to properly operate with such a marketing tool these days. 

Why Does Business Choose SMS Marketing?

There are a lot of reasons why SMS for businesses have become such a major part of strategies of brand popularisation. It is possible to simply spend a couple of minutes in order to contact specialists that will form a proper mass SMS text and send it to all users in the database. Here are the main benefits of this strategy:

  • Targeting. Every promotional message should be delivered at the right time to the right person. The only way to do that properly is by using targeted bulk SMS that will generate the most traffic thanks to being interesting for every person that will open it on the mobile phone. In order to attract people, it is important to have a dedicated software with the help of which it is going to be pretty easy to form a proper text for literally any message. 
  • Almost every SMS is going to be opened. What makes mass SMS services even more valuable – it is almost a guarantee that more than 90 percent of all messages that have been sent are going to be opened by recipients. Emails or websites ads are not even close in terms of open rate SMS. It makes this form of marketing much more appreciated and effective than any other technique that companies are trying to use nowadays. 
  • Perfect conversion rate. One of the important aspects SMS marketing has is a high conversion rate. It is possible to get the most out of this strategy thanks to an effective structuring of messages that should be delivered just on time. 

More than that, the format of bulk SMS allows it to include not only a simple text, but also a link that will encourage people to learn more details over a particular brand, item or service. 

Benefits of Working With Our Service

The first thing to notice over our SMS marketing service is the fact that it is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Every internet user is able to send SMS from Web or SMPP with easy access to REST API. It means with dedicating only a couple of minutes, it is possible to automate the mass messaging technique for literally any brand in the world.