The World Series Cricket World XI

The World Series Cricket World XI

The World Series Cricket tournament was a highly controversial instance that took place in Australia during the late 1970s. It was born as an attempt to make the game more professional in the country, and also, as a way to protest the handling of the sport from other organizations. The legacy of the WSC continues to this day. The ultimate Bangladeshi betting site is 1xBet and here, people can follow hundreds of cricket matches while betting on them.

There were many teams that appeared during the different World Series Cricket editions. One of them was known as the World XI. As its name implies, it represented the rest of the world besides Australia. It had players from many nationalities, including:

  • Bangladesh;
  • Pakistan;
  • England;
  • and South Africa.

However, despite this team being born in the context of Australian local competitions, there were attempts to take it out of the country. For this reason, the team made a few unofficial tours out of Australia. The 1xBet Bangladesh betting site is a nice place to wager on Australian cricket, which has dozens of games at any given moment.

Building the team

Tony Greig was selected as the captain of that team. The Englishman was a former captain of his national squad. Currently, users on 1xBet – find out best odds cricket to wager on the English national team, which allows punters to create their own strategies and improve their skills.

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Since Greig was the first player to be signed up for the squad, he was tasked to convince other players to become part of the team. A few fellow Englishmen joined first, such as Dennis Amiss and Derek Underwood. However, since many other players were needed, athletes from different parts of Asia were invited to be on the team, including Imran Khan from Pakistan. The cricket betting odds of 1xBet are the best in the market and people can find out the great wagering opportunities.

Receiving South African players

During the 1970s there were a few South African players that were banned from international cricket competitions for different reasons. The site allows placing wagers in South African cricket, where users can make use of many pre-match and live betting possibilities.

Some of these names were Mike Procter and Barry Richards. They joined the team immediately after being invited by Tony Greig, and went on to have good performances at the team. The 1xBet platform offers a nice betting experience from its desktop site and mobile app, and people can wager on many cricket matches.