The State of Women’s Sports in Australia

According to a recent report by Fox Sports, Australians are now watching more women’s sports than ever before. Based on a survey, approximately seven out of every 10 Aussie sports fans watch women’s sports more than they did in 2020. A more important thing to note is that 72% of men are now tuning into women’s sports programs in Australia. And this is a trend that is consistent across a wide range of different sports.

Fox Sports reported that the Women’s Cricket World Cup final was the highest-rated program ever at that time. In the event, the Australian team defeated the Indian women’s team with more than 450,000 people tuning in. The Women’s Big Bash League, the premiere women’s basketball league in the country, also continued to experience a rise in viewership according to the sports network. The Australian Football League Women’s Competition has also been experiencing a rise in viewership lately as more people have become interested in the performance of female athletes.

More than just the increasing popularity of sports television consumption, many female viewers have reported being inspired by the play of professional female athletes. Seeing women succeed on national television has motivated younger women to pursue careers and vocations in the fields of athletics.

Success Across Industries

Aside from the commercialism of television broadcasts, the women’s sporting industry in Australia has experienced market surges across other points of the spectrum. For example, since women’s sports have become more popular in the country, so too has the industry of sports betting when it comes to female athletics. It was recently reported that betting on women’s cricket games, in particular, has increased at an unprecedented rate. 

The sporting industry experienced a rapid decline over the course of 2020 and 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the Australian cricket scene has since bounced back and is now more popular than ever before. According to industry insiders, the betting activities on women’s cricket games have increased at a rate of around 800% over the past few years. 

In addition to that, more women are signing up for sites like in order to participate in sports betting and gambling activities. And this is not just a pattern that has been emerging in Australia. As it turns out, this is a trend that is consistent across different parts of the globe.

For example, in the United States, the American Gaming Association found that only 31% of sports betting customers were women while another study confirmed that women only make up 47% of the entire sports fanbase.

However, since 2020, there has been a documented 115% increase in the number of women users in sports betting apps, according to Global Wireless Solutions.

Of course, there are still 250% more men on these sports betting platforms right now. But the growth rate of female customers is nearly double that of male betters.

The Importance of Women in Sports

The issue of gender equality is one that society is still continually trying to address. In a modern world that’s often deemed patriarchal, women are constantly trying to break the glass ceiling and cement themselves as equals to men. This is particularly true in the field of athletics wherein male athletes continue to rake in bigger salaries than their female counterparts. 

There’s no denying that sports have always been one of the most prominent aspects of a human being’s socio-cultural learning experience. There are obvious benefits of females in athletics in relation to physical fitness and wellness. But more than that, the Women’s Sports Foundation claims that women who participate in sports have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem. Female athletes are also found to be less prone to developing symptoms related to depression and other mental health issues.

Aside from that, women who regularly play sports tend to have a more positive body image and experience higher states of psychological well-being when compared to girls who don’t play sports. Lastly, it’s been shown that involvement in sports and athletics have helped women develop critical skills that are proven to be valuable in the workplace such as teamwork, hard work, discipline, goal-setting, and the overall pursuit of excellence. 

Ultimately, the field of sports and athletics is still largely dominated by men. However, recent trends indicate that professional female athletes are now paving the way for younger generations to partake in fitness-related endeavors.

Current patterns show that the female athletics industry will continue to increase in popularity and prominence well into the future.