The Elder Scrolls Online Classes List

Elder Scroll Online enables you to take part in various in-game events as well as complete quests to get rewards while exploring the beautiful continent called Tamriel. Elder Scroll Online doesn’t feature any single-player mode, and you need an active internet connection to enjoy the game. In terms of storyline, Elder Scroll Online is well connected with Elder Scroll titles released in the past.

After creating your character with hundreds of customization options, choose your favorite weapons and armor to make your character capable of dealing with blood-thirsty monsters. For the best experience, instead of blindly making weapon and armor choices, experiment with all the available options. When you deal with all the available monsters, and there is no one else in Tamriel to challenge, it is time to enjoy player-vs-player battles and test your fighting skills in a new way. It is a massive online RPG, and you can’t take the risk of choosing the wrong class, so below is detailed information about all the available classes in Elder Scroll Online.

List of all the available classes in Elder Scroll Online

For now, there are only six-character classes in Elder Scroll Online, and you can select one of them for your adventure through Tamriel. To bring a variation, all the six classes have unique skills and abilities, which makes them different from the others. There are five roles in the game Mage, stamina, DPS, tank, and healer. Weapons, skills, and abilities will decide the role of the class. Moreover, put eso gold to good use and buy good gear for classes to get the most out of them. You should choose them based on your gameplay preferences.

  • Necromancer (DLC)
  • Sorcerer
  • Warden (DLC)
  • Templar
  • Nightblade
  • Dragonknight
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Necromancer (DLC)

This class uses a number of special spells to inflict damage to enemies as well as calls dead bodies from their graves to build an army. Necromancer is best known for its healing, defense, and damage-dealing abilities. To get a better idea about what a necromancer is capable of, here are the skill lines.

  • Grave Lord: Uses lighting, frost, and fire to boost up the power of the army of dead bodies and help them perform battle in the battle.
  • Bone Tyrant: No matter how bad the situation is on the battlefield, just use your spare to create barriers around your army. Your army will be helpful for you even if it is dead because you can regain health from their remains.
  • Living Death skill-lines: Revive all your soldiers who died in the battle with the power of life and death


Sorcerer uses dark magic to snare and stun enemies as well as summons Daedric combat followers from Oblivion. It shoots lightning bolts by casting conjuration and destruction spells. There is no limit to the power of sorcerers, making it a popular class in ESO. Become a first-line attacker and inflict good damage to enemies while watching the backs of teammates.

  • Daedric Summoning: Uses armor and shield to protect you and deal damage to enemies
  • Dark Magic: Stuns and kills enemies with magic
  • Storm Calling: Uses lighting strikes to deal shock damage
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Warden (DLC)

In terms of gameplay, Warden is one of the most versatile classes in the entire Elder Scroll Online because it can protect your team from all the enemy attacks no matter how powerful they are, all thanks to a protective frost. It can also call monsters from hell to deal damage to enemies. Its healing abilities can regain the health of all your teammates over time by taking them in a green layer of protection. It can tame any beasts in the game to use them for its benefit.

  • Animal Companions: Kill enemies with shrieking cliff racers, swarms of stinging fetcherflies, and bears.
  • Green Balance: Calls an enchanted forest to heal all your teammates with nature.
  • Winter’s Embrace skill-lines: Blind your enemies by casting a cold storm around them, and they can’t see what is happening.


Templar harnesses the power and light of the burning sun to kill enemies while restoring the health, Magicka, and stamina of other teammates. It is a good damage dealer, healer, and supporting class. Its synergies include supernova, blessed shards, purify gravity crus, holy shards, etc.

  • Aedric Spear: Deal damage with hard light weapons.
  • Dawn’s Wrath: Boosts up the damage of all your attacks while dealing damage with the flames of the sun.
  • Restoring Light: Uses a shield to save all teammates from enemy attacks.


It is like a ninja class that stealthily attacks enemies by emerging from the dark. It uses sharp blades as the main weapons and features the best attack speed of all. With the right skills, it can act as a healer, damage dealer, and supporter class.

  • Assassination: Kill enemies with light attacks first and one final heavy attack.
  • Shadow: Help you get out of a difficult situation. Launches an attack while staying hidden from the enemy.
  • Siphoning: Drain enemies of their health to kill them over time, all thanks to its lethal abilities. Restores the health of allies at the same time.
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Take the role of a martial artist from the ancient tribe of Akaviri and use the traditional battle spirit to your aid in the fight against monsters. No matter how good the enemy assaults it, Dragonknight has enough abilities to deal with it singlehandedly, making it a fiery class. Get energy from the earth as well as beasts of myth to defeat enemies. It has abilities to take the role of healer, damage dealer, supporter, and defender, which makes it a jack of all roles. MMOpixel features ESO gold at discounted prices, so you don’t have to grind for it anymore and can focus on other important things.

  • Ardent Flame: To deal good damage, boosts your attacks as the time passes by.
  • Draconic Power: To get out of a difficult situation on the battlefield, it uses protective scales and other advanced defenses. After reviving, attack with power like none other.
  • Earthen Heart: Stun enemies with molten lava and uses earth to boost the power of your friends.