Spy Escape and Evasion Shark Tank Net Worth 2023 and Everything You Want to Know

Spy Escape and Evasion Shark Tank Net Worth 2023 and Everything You Want to Know

Safety is the main concern everyone has, right? And, especially if we talk about girls, their safety means everything. Thus, by considering safety purposes, Jason Hanson establishes a firm, “Spy Escape and Evasion.”

Spy Escape and Evasion Company Details
Founder Jason Hanson
Founded October 2016
Company Name Spy Escape and Evasion
Product Selling the materials and products
for self-defense at home
Location Utah, United States
Appearance in Reality Shows Shark Tank, Season 5
Episode 18
Ask for Investment $1,00,000 for 15% Stack
Confirmed Deal $1,00,000 for 45% Stack
Shark Daymond John
Business Status Active
Official Website https://spyescapeandevasion.com/
Official Instagram Username @spyescape
Official Twitter Username @SpyEscape
YouTube Channel @SpyEscapeEvasion
Net Worth (2023) USD 5,50,000

With the help of this firm, he wants to impart training in self-defense to the people. So they can easily fight against any illegal activity, saving themselves from any difficult situation.

Now, let’s start the article by understanding the actual meaning of Spy Escape and Evasion.

What is Spy Escape and Evasion?

The original purpose behind establishing the “Spy Escape and Evasion” was to impart self-defense training to the people. Jason Hanson, a former agent of the CIA, developed this idea.

Jason learned many espionage techniques while serving the nation. After that, he established a firm providing guidelines regarding self-defense training because he believed that such techniques help people secure their lives.

So this is the main motive behind establishing the firm, “Spy Escape and Evasion.”

Who is the Founder of Spy Escape and Evasion?

Jason Hanson owns “Spy Escape and Evasion,” a firm. Jason Hanson spent his early life in Washington, D.C., and he liked to study law enforcement subjects. Jason has applied in both serving departments, i.e., the CIA and Secret Service.

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But, he got his first opportunity in the Arlington police department. After some years of working, he also got an offer from both the departments to which he had applied, and he selected the CIA as his career field and joined the CIA firm.

Being a part of CIA agent, he fulfilled many of his dreams, but on the other side, he did not want to spend more years of his life in the same field. So he moved to Utah with his wife, started a new journey, and introduced an academy named “Concealed Carry Academy.”

Later on, after establishing the academy, he also started providing the Spy Escape Classes from the beginning to the business executive levels. Also, people between 9 to 70 can attend the classes.

Spy Escape and Evasion on Shark Tank:

Jason Hanson wants to expand their business idea in most countries. So he thought of being a part of Shark Tank, where he may get a good investor who can invest in their firm and assists him in expanding the business. Thus, Jason appeared in Shark Tank Season 5, Episode 18, where he asked for the help of $100,000 for a 15% stake from the sharks.

Jason’s idea was unique, and the shark is impressed with the idea as it concerns the safety of every individual. Also, Jason’s company had made a total sale of $3,06,000 and gained a profit of $1,28,000. 

The profit and sales ratio gives a bit of disappointment to the shark, and sharks believe that to attain their seminars, people have to do constant traveling, which is not convenient for all. So, sharks advise Jason to sell his seminars so more and more can attain them.

On the other side, Robert was the first one to offer, which was of $100,000 for 50% of its stake. Also, he made a condition that Jason had to change his business mode entirely, which was not accepted by Jason. Then, another offer was made by Daymond, which was $1,50,000 for a 45% stake, and also suggests to conduct the seminars in suburban areas. In the end, Jason accepts the offer from Daymond and makes a deal with him to grow his business.

Spy Escape and Evasion Net Worth 2023

When Jason appeared in the show with the offer, the “Spy Escape and Evasion” valuation was $6,66,666.

Then in the year 2022, the firm’s net worth was $1 Million. As of now (2023), the net worth of the firm is USD 5,50,000. 

Spy Escape and Evasion After Shark Tank:

After being featured on Shark Tank, the company became more popular. Also, the owner Jason wrote one of his books, “Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life,” on a list of top-selling books at that period. 

Not only that, but also Hanson got an opportunity to work at Stratosphere Hotel for one year. At present moment too, he is constantly taking Spy Escape Classes, also runs the spy ranch, and sells some of his company’s Spy products to their customers with the help of his official website. The products include gun belts, jiggler keys, and credit card knives.

Spy Escape and Evasion Latest Updates:

The investment of Daymond in Spy Escape and Evasion completely changed the look of the firm’s official website. The website’s front page shows some of the blog posts, but they are not updated after 2014. Now, as you go to another page of the website, you show a new article, which is updated every week

Besides this, the company also offers a variety of courses on its official website. They are also imparting the materials too with some percentage of discounts.

Spy Escape and Evasion Biggest Achievements:

Here, we have listed the most significant achievements of Jason Hanson after establishing his firm, “Spy Escape and Evasion.”

  • His very first achievement was when Jason appeared in the reality show Shark Tank,” asking for help from investors in the year 2014. After appearing in the show, his company received more market value and a brand name.

  • Another accomplishment was in 2016 when Jason conducted a show in Las Vegas.

So, we can say that these both are the biggest achievement for Jason Hanson.

Final Words:

“Spy Escape and Evasion” is the firm established by Jason Hanson. The founder, Jason, was a CIA agent, where he learned about the ways and tips for self-defense. After leaving his CIA agent job, he thought to establish his own firm, where he imparts self-defense training to every individual aged between 9 to 70.

But the thing is, he needs the help of some investors to expand their firm’s operation. So, he was featured in Shark Tank Show in 2014, where he got an offer from the Shark Daymond.

After appearing in the show, the popularity of “Spy Escape and Evasion” gained, and at present too, the business is constantly serving their customer with a good net worth.