Slots Based on Popular TV Shows To Pass

Jason Momoa Interview Shuts Down After 'Icky' Game of Thrones Question

Slots Based on Popular TV Shows To Pass

Video slot games have branched into some of the most popular TV shows in history, not only due to the popularity of the shows themselves, and the leverage of players they can bring, but most importantly for the exceptional narrative and storyline that they provide. Slot gamers are no strangers to superheroes, and some of Hollywood’s most spoken of franchises. So, if perhaps you may have followed a few of the shows that we are about to reference, it may surprise you to find they have accompanying slot games to enjoy-some with many series and versions to discover in the gaming process. 

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Game of Thrones 

Game of Thrones was a very intense series during the time it was released. Everyone was talking about the prominent fighting scenes, deaths and of course the horrific ending which still, to this day, acts as one of the biggest disappointments for die-hard GOT fans. However, regardless of the ending, the series overall made for a great narrative for a slot machine. That was exactly what Microgaming did and planned its release at the peak of the series, during season 3 when things were heating up and truly hooking us all by the minute. 

The slot machine is set up with 5-reels, and 3 different rows with 15 fixed paylines. Designed with perfect graphics that represent all the characters and true feel of Westeros and the North, this game will not be a disappointment. If you have not had the chance to play this game, certainly do so!

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Well, this show certainly brings back memories for one of the best shows to watch, during downtime after work. With this show, you are able to bring out the inner general knowledge questions that can come up at any time during the game. Every possible question could arise, from the capital of Madagascar to long lost cuisines of the Orient. Like the game, the slot game really does serve up a very interesting combination of quirks. The game itself adopts the same question and answers, with the options to ‘phone a friend’ and so on. With 50 paylines, this game progresses forward in the same style as the TV show, making it a worthy long-time slot to add to your routine.

Family Guy

This show most likely does not need an introduction. Developed by Seth MacFarlane, this show is one of the most humorous and hilarious slot games in the industry. True to the cartoon simplicity for graphics, the soundtrack, speech, and special effects all honour the series so very well. Features of the game include the Family Guy World, in addition to popular spots like the Giant Chicken. The game in total has 5-reels, with 30 paylines. This slot will make you feel like you are with the Griffin family amidst all their chaotic humour.

There is something special about playing your favourite TV shows as slot games. It’s more personal and holds sentimental value, to viewers who have literally grown up with TV shows on their screens. Having an extension for the show’s experience via a slot game, is an exceptional way of picking up your love for your favourite show, long after it has finished.