Ordertracker – Locate And Track Your Parcel in One Place

Are you on the outlook for one website that solves all your problems concerning delivery packages and tracking number of your parcels? 

Then, Ordertracker is what you need.


Whether you are sending one package or receiving dozens, Ordertracker gives you information about the whereabouts of your shipment at every stage of its journey. When you make use of the improved tracking options, you’ll feel secure and at ease realizing that you are having most of the recent information about the package.

Let’s see what Ordertracker offers you and how you can locate and track your parcels from this one website.

Ordertracker features

Numerous tracking options are available through Ordertracker, which also offers practical ways to stay updated on the status of your shipment, any unexpected delays, and finally, its delivery.

  • Tracking is Simpler With Notifications

With Ordertacker you can put an end to your search and wait for updates about your shipments with their easy push notifications. The website will notify you about the delivery status of your parcels and whenever the status of your shipment changes.

  • Handled With Grace

Parcels must be managed with care when handling shipments that are temperature-sensitive. Ordertracker works with biopharmaceutical companies to transport vaccines, insulin, and other biologics at a constant temperature throughout their journeys because even a 2°C difference can mean the difference between a product being usable and losing everything.

  • Assistance With Tracking Your Shipment

Any queries you may have regarding the status of your package will be addressed by their Customer Service team. Additionally, they can clarify any tracking statuses you may be unsure of regarding whether you are struggling with the tracking number or not sure where your parcel has been reached.

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Can a package be located without even a tracking number?

Do you forget your tracking number and now you are worried about how you are going to track your parcel? Then worry not. There may still be some options even though the majority of tracking tools won’t let you track a package without any tracking number. You’ll be glad to know that there are approaches to locating your package without making you enter the tracking number. You can try the following methods to locate your package:

Speak With The Recipient

Perhaps the package already has reached its destination, but you, the sender, are still waiting for information. It may seem obvious, but if you cannot locate the tracking number, this is the simplest way to determine whether your shipment has been received by the intended recipient.

Message The Courier Service

You can always get in touch with the courier service if there has been more than a week and the package is still missing. They will be able to tell you where your shipment is right now if you give them the information from the confirmation email or the receipt. In addition, you would be able to retrieve a tracking number that you previously had misplaced.

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Checkout The Receipt

Sometimes, rather than the confirmation email, the tracking number is also written on the receipt you obtain for the service purchase. Even if you are unable to locate the tracking number, you may get in touch with the business and give them the other details listed on the receipt. The business will be aware of the most recent transit location where your shipment was scanned.

If I can’t find the tracking number, can I still locate a shipment by name?

You might be wondering if you can track a package with your name because you misplaced your tracking number or haven’t received one yet. Unfortunately, not many courier services allow you to search for your package using a name. You might also have all the other shipment-related information, but if you only have the name, you are unable to track a package without a tracking number.