Medical Marijuana & Weight Loss: How Does It Work?

Medical Marijuana & Weight Loss: How Does It Work?

“How to lose weight?” is one of the most searched query on almost every search engine in the internet space. What if we tell you that medical marijuana can help you with it? Sounds something out of a fairytale right? Well here’s some good news for all the pot smokers out there, who are seeking ways to lose weight.

Before we delve any further, it is important to address the popular belief that does circles each time marijuana and weight is mentioned in the same sentence, that of medical marijunaa giving the munchies to the users. Is it a rumor or is there some truth attached to it?

Well for the most part, yes, smoking certain cannabis strains can help people gain weight but only when they use it acutely and for treatment of severe disorders like Cancer. Studies that have tried to uncover the truth about it, have determined that using marijuana acutely will lead to developing ‘the munchies’ whereas for people in general, marijuana will actually lead to a decreased body mass index.

Quite fun right? Depending on what result you’re looking for, you can achieve it. The only important thing to remember is to first consult a valid doctor which can be done easily if you have a $20 medical card in your possession. With an expert’s advice you are free to experiment and schedule a good eating schedule that will help you out in losing weight fast. 

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How Does Medical Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?

To know how exactly medical marijuana helps in losing weight, we need to understand the particular symptoms that it actively works on. Let us go through each one, below.

Increases Energy

Consuming potent THC cannabis strains will lead to a boost in the energy of the individuals which will further help in working out easily. This is a major contributing factor that can work for the purpose of losing weight in patients who are struggling. In addition to this, cannabis strains such as Gelato 41 also work to shirk off the stiffness in muscles and joints which will aid in completing all forms of workouts for each patient.

Helps in Sleep

We’re all aware of how helpful marijuana is in catching a good night’s sleep. Insomnia is a sleep deprivation disorder that can actually quite adversely affect the health of an individual. If a person is not sleeping well, they’re not recovering. Poor sleep is oftentimes considered to be a key instigator of weight gain for many, which is why cannabis is so important for the insomniac patients looking to lose weight.

Cuts Down Excess Drinking

Drinking alcohol excessively has from time immemorial been one of the leading reasons of weight gain, especially in men. Surprisingly, consuming medical marijuana can help not just in controlling the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal but also in controlling the weight of the person. This statement comes after studies that have been done on the younger generation who consume marijuana as opposed to those who consume alcohol, and the result strongly hinted at the weight loss benefits enjoyed by the people who preferred marijuana over alcohol. But choosing the right strain is integral to reaching your goals. Therefore obtaining from medical dispensaries supplies you with professional support. You must only have a medical marijuana card, which will allow you to shop at dispensaries. But don’t worry. Some states even allow you to get medical marijuana cards online. And if you’re based, for instance, in Missouri, you can easily get a Missouri medical marijuana card.

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Lowers Stress & Anxiety

One benefit that a person who consumes marijuana is sure to experience is lower levels of stress and anxiety. As we are well aware of stress induced eating disorders that people often suffer from, we know that it plays a major role in the sudden weight gain in people. In fact after the COVID-19 pandemic too, we saw dramatic stories of people who developed anxieties, started eating uncontrollably and gained a lot of unhealthy weight.

Fortunately, this level of stress and anxiety can be managed with the help of marijuana quite well. It is only important to know exactly which products to try and which strains to smoke. 

Boosts Metabolism

Marijuana has displayed its prowess in dramatically boosting the metabolism in frequent users. Which makes it a truly worthwhile find for many. There is quite nothing like when the body itself works in the way of improving the digestive system, further aiding in weight loss for people. 

Bottom Line

Despite the claims made in the blog above, you don’t have to believe them until you yourself try them out. Make good use of the information, and research on your own. Only then will you be able to make the best use of medical marijuana to enjoy significant weight loss in your body.