Maryland Life Sciences Campaign 2021 BioBuzz Campaign Award

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Maryland Life Sciences Campaign 2021 BioBuzz Campaign Award

The Maryland Life Science Division has won the 2021 BioBuzz Award for the ‘It’s Better Here’ campaign. This campaign award recognises the leaders of BioHealth Capital Region, the biotech founders within the community of the region. The Better Here campaign initiated within 2020 and was designed to amplify the Maryland region with new scientific opportunities. Additionally, the campaign did invest in vaccine development, gene therapy and immunotherapy for science research of the region.

In other parts of Maryland, blockchain technology and its investment within the community is at an all-time high. Many Maryland-based tech companies are investing more value into blockchain technology, due to the future anticipated, surrounding the decentralised system of cryptocurrency. It isn’t just physical businesses, but online communities too. With examples to the casino gambling communities, CSGO Betting sites are providing innovative ways for gamers to gamble with blockchain technology. Maryland is not the only business conglomerate to look towards investing in blockchain technology for all online and business lead institutions.

The campaign Better Here, holds some of the most tech and science-forward campaigns that have allowed Maryland to advance to the position it is in now. For example, the Noble Life Sciences, world renowned GSK, and so many more. The campaign online, provides and fuels readers with the many stories that have put Maryland on the map thus far. 

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Many are celebrating however, the past two years that have passed through the region. Not only has it seen community and togetherness, but the campaign also tells stories of how science has adapted from the community, and its ability to really advance from local knowledge and its investment for the future. Despite there being a global pandemic, it did not discourage the evolution and development of science. BioBuzz for that very reason, has been pushed for recognition, amongst the light of many other science-lead campaigns for the Life Sciences.

According to Biobuzz, the media awards was selecting the campaign which most aligns itself with a community mission and foundation. That is what Biobuzz was able to achieve, and gave back to the community, be it research or economic value, it allowed many others to somehow be included within the initiative. In fact, not only has the region been ranked among the best within the nation, but the foundation also provided over 500 biotech companies opportunities to be involved, in addition to 2700 life science firms too. Academic universities also participated within the campaign and gave such thriving energy towards the research centres set up around the region.

Who are Maryland Life Sciences?

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Maryland Life Science is a division of the Maryland Council that is invested in collaborating with the community, for building a better and stronger future. The elective campaigns have long sought to build stronger foundations in the collective services for humanity, and that is why many of the initiatives evolve around saving and bettering the lives of many. MLS is a collective science association that is dedicated to serving the community and the members who associate themselves with serving the general public. Building lives through innovation in biotechnology as a whole, is most definitely a work in progress, however the educated minds who dedicate themselves to the cause, provide nothing but complete faith and dedication to creating innovative solutions to the problems faced within modern science and health. 

A majority of today’s biotechnology and clinical research is linked back to MLS, with many pharmaceutical companies using the foundations and principles of scientific research within their companies. There is no doubt that MLS has provided many valuable resources and sustainable solutions that will continue to benefit communities for years to come. MLS have proven themselves to be leaders of the future.