Know the robots which are reliable for playing or work

Know the robots which are reliable for playing or work

During the past two decades there have been a lot of technological advances and we have seen that one gadget has always been better and faster than the other. Till a few days back, use of robots was mainly limited to mopping of floors or vacuuming of spills, capturing images and many more. But with time, many new robots have come into the market which can do more work than expected and it is definitely considered as an improvement of technology than what it was in the past.

In this article we are going to discuss about some robots which can do a lot of extra work like playing games and more. In the earlier days, people used to go to the land based casinos for playing casino games and also do gambling. The entire situation changed with the advent of the Internet and Smartphone as more people started playing casino games right from the comfort of their home or office through their Smartphone. The process is much convenient and hence people stopped going to the land based casinos. But you must be careful if you are a new player as all online casino websites are not genuine and many of them have a bad track record of running away with the players’ money. You should play casino with some reliable websites so that you remain safe at the end of the day.

Now let us discuss about certain robots which have got the people’s attention over the past few years.

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Misty II

It is a wonderful robot which can move around in the room quite easily. It has a voice interaction system with the help of which the robot can understand the conversations and initiate action with the assistance of natural voice commands. Another advanced facial recognition technology helps Misty II to acknowledge the individuals on a one to one and also intimate level. This robot developed with modern technology also responds to any touch on her chin and also the head. This little robot is able to map out an area and has also the capability of virtually reading about any assignment.

Another great feature of this robot is that its arms can be customized by changing the arms and add trailers. There is also countless number of variations by which this robot can be customized. The ability of Misty II to get connected to third party devices and control them with ease makes it a unique robot by choice. It can also deliver objects within the household and make easy interactions with people of known faces.


Forget about those robots which worked as home helpers doing everyday work at home or office. This particular robot can help in assisting work in a human environment where there is an increase of both happiness and productivity. It is capable of offering a wide variety of services which include elderly care, patrol in the parking lot area, security guard, any assistance work in the restaurants, etc.

Fetching and delivering is one of the most attractive AI features of this robot and many customers prefer Aeolus for this particular feature only. This robot can seek objects on its own and offers the best mobility which no other robot in the market can offer. It is unique in opening cars with its keys. There are limitless interactions of the body and face of the human and robot in Aeolus.

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Another great feature of Aeolus is that it is continuously learning the more daily features of everyday life on its own without waiting for external commands.


Are you looking for an emotional, intelligent and affordable robot? Then Buddy is surely the perfect companion for you who will make your life much easier.  Buddy has been developed by Blue Frog Robotics. It has been popular as one of the most advanced home assistant and companion robots today. Buddy is not only very cute, but it is also versatile. It can express various emotions naturally throughout the day based on the interactions with the family members. Buddy can be your children’s playmate and help them to learn new things in a fun way. He can also be your personal assistant who will keep reminding you about your important events or tasks from time to time. Buddy is of great help to protect your house when you are away. It patrols your house and sends you alerts if any unusual activity is detected. You can also upgrade Buddy’s smart technology so that it can perform new skills smoothly.

Alpha 1

The unique feature of this robot is that it is 16” tall and one cannot ignore its presence once it enters the room. The great attraction of this robot is that it can connect to the smart devices very easily and smoothly and perform its duties as per the movements which have been made pre-programmed. Once you make the programs, you will be astonished to find that it is performing its duties at an alarming speed. Once you install the Alpha app in your mobile, you can create the moves through the App. This robot has got immense flexibility of a human and can develop a personality of its own. The battery attached with it is detachable and it can be swapped easily. It is designed to handle all sorts of jobs which include education, entertainment or handling the day to day task of the household or the family.

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It is a very intelligent robot with cloud based enabled power. The artificial intelligence program attached with the robot is very much ideal for healthcare, security, hospitality and many other services whose list is a big one. This robot has got wonderful features like Bluetooth, HD cameras, Wi-Fi, versatile mobility. It has got a unique ability to detect all types of obstacles. The robot can charge on it’s own and hence there is no need to recharge the batteries which really gives you a tension free performance. These robots can handle all the daily functions of the home without taking any day off.