How to get better at Apex Legends: Tips & tricks

Apex Legends is a competitive battle royale that is hero-based. Here, 60 players drop down on the same map, loot, fight with rivals’ teams until one team is remaining. Apex Legends is a brutal world where you need to take quick decisions and combine shots with abilities. Lack of inappropriate coordination in the game will make it challenging for you to end in a win.

However, Apex Legends cheats can give you the best gameplay experience by enabling you to dominate the rivals easily. The innovative anti-detection features offer you uninterrupted gameplay with the cheats.

There are always chances of improving, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. So, the article includes tips and tricks to get better at Apex Legends.

Make a good landing

Learn an appropriate way of landing. You should beat your competitors to loot if you decide to land in a hot zone. You need to practice closing the gap between you and the rival while landing and fighting. Try not to get stuck in a loop of bursting out of cover, spraying, and hiding to reload and heal.

Planning to jump early will give you more practice with gunplay and make quick decisions. It will provide you with a chance to get hold of weapons and better armor faster. Alternatively, if you plan to drop a little late and want to loot in a peaceful location, pick a remote part of the map away from the dropship path.

Cover smartly

Apex Legends demands you to be smart with cover. The maps in the game have multiple terrains for players that can be sometimes medium, close, or long-range engagements. One consistent thing available is the cover on the map. Utilizing cover to reduce the incoming damage is critical whether you are behind a turf in terrain or behind a rock.

Ensure remaining close to the cover so that you can easily slip behind it on getting shots. You can act smartly with cover by fooling enemies and making them guess when and the side you will come out.

Utilize firing range

The firing range is an incredible tool to help you get better at accuracy, controlling recoil, movement, and IQ. It allows you to check all the guns, their attachments, every Legend in the game, and their abilities. Understanding each Legend’s strengths and how they complement each other is the key to building a challenging squad.


Teamwork is the most critical in Apex Legends. You will witness the most success in the game only when you play with your teammates. Communicating with the team throughout any battle in Apex Legends is vital, whether on voice chat or contextual ping. You may start firing as soon as you see an enemy but informing your teammates about it is also essential. A ping can alert them to point guns.

Try weapon swap

When facing an enemy, it is always better to change to your second weapon instead of trying to reload your gun. Try armor swapping by looting someone’s death box and looting their armor. You will require only a few seconds to pop a shield battery and reload your armor.

You can also try long-distance combat by positioning yourself before the fight with every possible advantage you can. However, battle with enemies on the horizon is tricky, but call out a single rival on whom to focus fire if you can get close unnoticed. Your new armor can be worse, but it will get your whole team back into the game, and the old one will retain damage.

Timing is critical

If you are among the few teams who have reached the end, wisely choose where you want to make your last stand. Take a look at your mini-map and use ping to determine a safe place. Try not to get trapped in a building or behind a wall around the ring. 

Predict where other rival teams will be positioned as the final ring closes. Drop grenades, haze the area with gas to make each place unsafe for the enemies.


That is all! Though Apex Legends is challenging being a competitive battle royale, you can win over it with appropriate strategies, teamwork, communication, and the right timing. Ensure following the above tips and tricks to get better at Apex Legends. You have to keep playing and practicing to gain excellence in the adventurous game.