How to Check or Withdraw your EPF Money Without Having UAN What is UAN, and What is the Concept of it?

How to Check or Withdraw your EPF Money Without Having UAN What is UAN, and What is the Concept of it?

You know the concept of a Universal Account Number is quite new, but on the other hand, EPF and its account holders have been around quite longer than UAN could ever come into existence. The basic idea of the UAN is to link multiple identification numbers that are allotted to a single member under the single Universal Account Number. It will help a member to see the details of all the member identification numbers.

Why would someone not have a UAN?

There are times when an employee is EPF much later in the process, and this leads to not getting a UAN or Universal Account Number. It could also be the case if you have begun working before the year 2014. But if these aren’t the cases and you just do not know your UAN, a big hint – you will find it right on your payslip, and you can just quit on all of this worrying.

But you also need to know that there are always several advantages of having a UAN, and they are:

➔ It will be easier for you to withdraw your provident fund with the UAN.

➔ It also makes it very easy for your online provisions, and you would not need to submit any physical documents.

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➔ You can also effortlessly check your PF balance and withdraw it anytime you would like without the help of your employer.

➔ You can also get a loan against the PF balance, and the UAN makes it much simpler. How to Check your PF Balance without a UAN?

It is quite easy to check your provident fund balance even without your UAN. Here is how:

  • You can give a missed call to the number 011-229014016 from the registered phone number, and in this case, you would not need to provide the UAN number. However, it still has to be registered on the UAN portal and KYC details seeded in the account.
  • The other way is to visit the EPFO official website and check your PF balance. After you log in, you can follow simple steps into knowing your Provident Fund balance. It would also include providing some of your details for the process to be completed.

The Process of Withdrawing your PF Money without a UAN

You can either submit a physical application or an online application, and this is done in order to withdraw the Provident Fund money. But in order to get this done, you will need an activated UAN login, which is basically a UAN that is linked to your Aadhaar card, PAN card, and bank account. But now you do not have your UAN, do you, which means you would have to follow the old traditional method of getting this done.

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In order for you to submit your physical application, you have to download the Aadhaar – based new composite claim form or the Non-Aadhaar composite claim form.

  • When it is an Aadhaar based new composite claim form, you can fill in the details on the form and submit it to your Provident Fund withdrawal application directly to the regional office without having to attest with an employer.
  • Well, when it comes to the case of a Non-Aadhaar based composite claim form, you can fill in the details and get it attested from the employer.
  • You need this in the regional office in order to avoid fraud and ensure that no one else withdraws the money on behalf of you.
  • You also need to note that the composite claim form can be attested either by any bank manager, a gazetted officer, or even a magistrate.
  • After you fill in the details, you have to submit the form to the respective jurisdictional EPFO office.

Other Considerations While You Go-Ahead to Withdraw your Provident Fund How Much Can You Withdraw?

Well, everyone always thinks of how much they could withdraw from their PF account. You can withdraw your money either totally or partially. The full amount can be withdrawn after the employee’s retirement if he remains unemployed for more than two months. Along with that, if you are unemployed for a month, you could also withdraw 75% of your total money from the fund.

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When it comes to a partial withdrawal of your PF sum, it is quite limited to certain circumstances. You can partially take out 50% of your PF money in the case of an educational expense, purchase, house construction, or a marriage.

What Happens in the Case of a Job Change?

What would happen if you changed your job, are you wondering? If you change your job, which happens, without a doubt. But if you have, you would have to get the balance transferred from the previous PF account to the new one. It is because PF accounts are made within the jurisdiction of a PF office that the place of employment is located, and that is why a UAN was introduced in the first place; to align the accounts to one.


Good for you if you know your UAN, you can check your balance, withdraw easily, and so much more. But there are also ways to do that when you do not know your UAN. You can now withdraw advance, full, or a little bit of your money from the provident fund, even when you do not have a UAN.