How To Bet on Sports from Anywhere in The World?

How To Bet on Sports from Anywhere in The World?

Many betting sites and apps are blocked in many regions of the world. Many countries have banned sports betting altogether. If you live in a country like that, or if a particular website is blocked in your region, don’t lose hope.

You can use VPN to unblock these websites. Further, in case you cannot pay for deposits using the native payment methods available on the site, you can use cryptocurrencies or place your bets on the offshore sites like UFAbet.

Using the VPN and cryptocurrency combination – you can be sure that your location, payments, and activity will be 100% private and limited to you only.

Can I use my betting app abroad?

It depends. Some services such as William Hill cater to a large number of regions including the US and the UK. On the other hand, some services are specific to a country or even a state.

Whether your app supports the new region or not decides whether or not you will be able to use it abroad.

How do I secure my connection in restricted countries?

If your country or region is restricted from using a particular betting platform (whether website or app), then you can use a VPN. Note that your location is linked with your Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. So, if an app isn’t available in your location, VPN cannot save you here. VPN will definitely work when you open the website in a browser instead of going for an app.

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Setting up a VPN is easy. A high-quality VPN connection comes at a monthly cost. A VPN works by routing your internet traffic between different devices (called nodes). Think of it like bouncing a signal through 2, 3, or even more nodes between the original node (your device) and the destination device (the service you want to connect to). You can find a list of good VPNs here.

VPN cloaks your IP address and nullifies the ability of your ISP to know where you’re accessing from.

Dedicated VPN services also allow you to choose a server location of your preference. This is important in some cases. For example, if you want to access a website that’s allowed only in the UK while living in the US, you need a VPN service that allows you to connect to a UK-based server. Using this connection, you can now connect to the website and open it normally because it will be seen as a connection from the UK itself.

Which online sportsbooks are worthy of your time?

  1. Bet365
  2. Pinnacle
  3. Joker Thailand
  4. William Hill
  5. 888sport
  6. Betway
  7. Unibet

Are among the most reliable and popular sportsbooks. Apart from that, your region is bound to have its own dedicated online sportsbook.

Do your research before you choose a service. You need to pay attention to the markets offered on the platform.

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