How PGL CSGO Antwerp Major 2022 Becomes The Biggest Indoor Esports Event

The esports tournament organizer of PGL says, CSGO Antwerp Major 2022 was the biggest esports event in history. The event had a crowd over 20,000 piling up to enjoy the last game of the CSGO tourney, although the whole event had more than 40,000 people come out to watch their favorite team play.

The event shocked Navi fans when FaZe Clan defeated Navi in the grand final. The tournament also had almost 70 MILLION hours watched and viewers of 2.1 million fans.

CSGO has a huge craze not only because of the gaming competition, but also the huge popularity of csgo gambling factor, with people gambling their skins.

The competition also was the second biggest CSGO tournament, only by a mile from the 2021 PGL Stockholm Major, and a lot of fans agreed had many talented competitors playing. According to PGL, the crowd measured up to an astonishing 106 decibels with cheers and chants in the building that day.

Some people would think that amount of noise would only be heard at a concert but, they’d be wrong. The tournament had 52 teams, which last month, played against each other to get the opportunity to perform to that huge crowd, in Sportpaleis Antwerpen in Belgium, with the last winning team getting crowned as victors as the greatest organization in the world.

Silviu Stroie, the founder and CEO of PGL Esports, had to say this.

“We are happy to see that all of our hard work has paid off, which has got us to the point where we have presented the two most-watched Counter-Strike tournaments to date. The crowd was absolutely incredible, and the atmosphere was maybe the best there has ever been at an event like this.”

The Spodek Arena, hosts smaller events with around 10,000+ people, as well as Beijing’s Bird’s Nest open roofed venue has a peak of 80,000 people, and holds events like the 2017 League of Legends Worlds premiere.

Stream Hatched reported that Gaules’ the Brazilian streamer co-streamed the Antwerp Major did excellent as well. With over 18 million hours on his channel during the tournament, which is about a third of total hours watched of the event.

PGL posted an update about the second most crucial esports tournament organizer after the ESL/FaceIt on Esports Charts saying, “We have been working very hard to make our broadcast continuously better, and these numbers show us that we are going in the right direction.” The crowd was absolutely amazing , and the environment was basically the greatest there has ever been at an event like this. Together with the entire CSGO community, we have taken this passion of ours to entirely new heights in the past couple of months. We are incredibly fortunate for all the feedback from the crowd that has helped us get to this position.”

The PGL Antwerp Major also had Frankie Ward come back to the world of esport event hosting after maternity leave. Which meant no Majors Club for PGL Antwerp by Richard Lewis and Tom ‘Sneaky’ Taylor. Taylor also put together a tourists’ traveling guide for the Major.

This was an amazing year for the CSGO community seeing someone else finally take home a PGL title. We would encourage you to get prepared to get those bets on for next year too. Who might win the next PGL title? We don’t know yet, but stay tuned and we all will find out eventually.