Going Live – The rise of the Virtual Dealer

In 2022, more people than ever are choosing the convenience of online casinos when they fancy taking some time out. While online betting offers a way to get your fix without even leaving the house, many people say that they do miss the ‘casino experience’ when gambling online. A lot of online casinos are tackling this by introducing live dealers. This basically involves a real life croupier working from an office or workplace and running the game through video technology. Although this is certainly a solution, it can be costly at a time when many businesses are looking to trim their budgets. An increasingly popular solution is the Virtual Dealer – something which is being welcomed by a great many online casino customers worldwide.

What is a Virtual Dealer?


Powered by AI and virtual reality, a Virtual Dealer recreates the casino experience by providing a croupier which looks, sounds and moves like a real life human but, is in fact computer generated.  

The advantages of a Virtual Dealer

As mentioned, the VD can help to save the business money as they don’t need to pay a human croupier’s salary. Additionally, Virtual Dealers have the added advantage of not needing to sleep or to have holidays or even toilet breaks.  

For the customer, a Virtual Dealer game can be extremely beneficial as they get to dictate the speed of the game – unlike with a Live Dealer whereby he or she will decide when and how fast hands are dealt, chips are laid down and other actions are taken. For added convenience, customers can also take breaks whenever they like as they don’t need to worry about interrupting the dealer. Customers also don’t need to tip the Virtual Dealer, which many see as a definite bonus!

A done deal

For a lot of customers, a dealer or croupier is all part of the gambling experience and, many feels that something is lost when this isn’t present. A Virtual Dealer offers the perfect solution for both the business and the customer – so it’s no surprise that more and more online casinos are choosing to get onboard with this technology.