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Without education, you can not survive in this fast and digital world. Illiteracy is the main problem for many countries to develop themselves. India is a developing country around the world. The Indian government is launching many schemes related to the education sector. However, India’s literacy rate is at a moderate level.

India keeps improving its literacy rate. The states of India also participates in improving the literacy rate. To improve the literacy rate, India needs to increase the number of students who come to the school to study. Still, India is fighting with the poverty level. So many people are there in India that they have to leave their studies because of financial problems.

However, the Indian government is launching schemes for the people who really need finance for study. The Indian government and also the State government is making the schemes related to education to provides the students of a government school or student with financial backwardness can take advantage of these schemes. Not only students but teachers also need financial help and much more support from the government to teach effectively to the student.

Many teachers in India wanted to study, but due to a lack of facilities, they can not do their work correctly. In this corona pandemic, education becomes online. All teachers have to study online ways. Due to the online method of study, teachers are facing many problems regarding technology, loans, and PF advance, etc. The State government of India is aware of the issues of the teachers.

Recently, the Karnataka government has launched an application called Shikshakra Mitra App. Shikshakra Mitra App is only related to the teachers who are facing the problems due to lockdown situation and online education. Here, In this article, we will talk about this Shikshakra Mitra App that is launched by the Karnataka Government for teachers who teach in government schools of Karnataka state.

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About Shikshakra Mitra App:

Karnataka government on Friday launched an app related to the teachers of the state. The app named Shikshakra Mitra App will be helpful for the teacher to do their work effectively and efficiently. This app will help them to avoid visiting the education department for their work. This app will do all the work of the teacher through an online mode.

The app will reduce the paperwork and make it easy for the teachers to get facilities in an online way. This app will reduce the time of work as this app will do all work in online mode.

The app was launched by the Karnataka Government chief minister Shri. B. S. Yediyurappa. With the help of this app, the problems like getting loans, PF advances, availing leaves, and transfers can be made in online mode. In the past, these problems were done when teachers have to visit the education department.

The issues that are faced by the teacher can now be solved. This app will reduce the work of the education department also. However, all the processes are now can be done in online mode, then the work of the employee at the educational department is now much more straightforward. In this lockdown situation for the school, this app will be beneficial for the teachers as well as department employees.

The primary and Secondary education minister Suresh Kumar was present in the inauguration of the app. Shri. Suresh Kumar gave the speech on that event. In the speech, he said, ” Now the teachers can download the app and resolve their problems about their salary, transfers and other demands from their place itself.” Minister also talks about the conducting JEE NEEt examination.

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Karnataka Shikshakra Mitra App Download From Google Play store

The Karnataka Government has launched the app called Shikshakra Mitra App for the teachers. This app will help the teachers of the Karanataka state in many ways. The big question raised is How and where to download this app. Here, I will tell you about how and where to download this app.

  • Firstly, you have to open the Play Store on your mobile to download the app.
  • On Play Store, you have to find this app. to make this process more accessible, and you just have to type the name of the app on the search button. The exact name of the app is Shikshakra Mitra. You have to type the name of the app in the search box.
  • You will find the app, and you have to download it on your mobile. After downloading, you have to install this app on your mobile.
  • Now, you have completed the process of downloading the app in the Play store. After that, you have to open that app and complete the registration and login process of the app. The registration and login process is necessary for the app to start.
  • The registration and login process will help the person to identify them correctly by the educational department.
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Main Benefits Shikshakra Mitra App

As far as we know that this Shikshakra Mitra App will help teachers in many ways. Here, I will give you the exact information about the main benefits of this app.

Regarding Loans: The teacher will know about their loan details on the application. Teachers will come to know without visiting the education department about the loans that they can take and pending EMI of loans.

PF Advance: Teachers will able to know about their PF accounts. They can see the situation about their PF account. Without this app, this work can only be done by visiting the department.

Availing Leaves: If any teacher is in the situation that they can not take the online lectures. With the help of this app, they can put a leave application in online mode. For that purpose, teachers will not have to visit the education department.

Transfer Information: With the help of this application, teachers are able to know about the transfer information. Earlier, If any teacher wants to know about their transfer information, then that may take much time to understand for any teachers.

This app will reduce the workload of the teacher as well as the employees of the education department. Earlier, the process was time-consuming and tedious for the employees of the education department. But now, with the help of this app, every work of the teaches will not take time, and work can be done effectively.