Cricket Betting Strategies to Easily Apply as A Beginner

Cricket Betting Strategies to Easily Apply as A Beginner

Cricket, a bat and ball game, is among the most closely followed sports globally, right after football. With over a billion followers drawn from different corners of the world, it makes for a great sport to bet on, whether you’re an amateur or seasoned punter.

Though the idea of betting on cricket may sound attractive, you should note that the process isn’t as easy as you may have assumed. Before you start betting, we recommend that you take your time to get some credible Cricket Betting Advice (CBA).
If you love sports and cricket as much as you think, make sure to get as much advice on betting as you can before playing with any of the bookies.

Cricket Betting Strategies for Beginners

Learn the Different Types of Cricket Bets

The first thing you have to do before jumping into the world of online cricket betting is to ensure you understand all the different types of bets a punter can place. While at it, learn to differentiate between terms such as match-winner, series winner, and others.
Knowing when and how to use them allows you to develop a unique betting strategy. You’ll have tons of opportunities to make good money from online cricket betting platforms through this strategy.

Analyse the Ratings & Rankings

It doesn’t matter which cricket match you want to bet on: ensure you have analysed the ratings and rankings of every single game. Both data sets can significantly influence your betting decisions. Ratings are allotted based on the number of games played and points scored.

Use rankings to provide you with an idea of where each team stands in the league. In short, this data will tell you whether placing a bet on a particular team will allow you to make a profit or contend with a loss.

Nevertheless, rankings shouldn’t be the only consideration when deciding which team to place your money on. Rankings are influenced by many factors, making it essential to consider several factors before placing a bet.

Never Chase Your Losses

While the ultimate goal in betting is to win, you have to understand that losses are a part of the process. What matters is how you react after experiencing a loss, as this can determine whether you’ll make it as a punter or not.

Chasing a loss often does more harm than good. For example, you may experience a £10 loss and end up spending more than £100 in a bid to make up for the lost money. Understand that it’s very easy to spiral, especially when you don’t have a daily or weekly betting limit.

Always Go for the Simplest Bets You Can Find

It takes time to learn how to bet and build a long-term betting strategy. In the early days, the trick is to stick to the simplest matches you can find. Experts recommend sticking to simple games like Test series, ODI, etc.

ODI matches are the best for beginners as their outcomes are posted within twenty-four hours. On the other hand, a few test matches and country championships may opt to incorporate the draw.
As a result, you’ve to weigh all your available options before placing a wager with an online sports bookie.

Keep an Eye on the Weather Forecast

As weird as this may sound, the weather forecast can impact your betting strategy. Did you know that the prevailing weather conditions can affect the outcome of a given match? It explains why seasoned betters always ensure they have checked the forecast before wagering.
For example, sunny and dry weather are ideal conditions for team betting. But if you’re looking to wager on team bowling, then an overcast may be the perfect condition. Rainy conditions mean that a match will either be a draw or get cancelled altogether.
All these reasons are great pointers on why you ought to pay attention to the daily and weekly weather forecasts. It will enable you to place your hard-earned money on the right match.

Place a Head Bet After Each Toss

Professional punters understand the importance placed on the toss. It’s crucial when playing Test cricket. Typically, the teams that have won the initial toss will walk away as the winners of that particular match.
Therefore, it’s crucial and highly recommended to wait for the toss and gain an insight into the match’s condition before placing a wager. For instance, all the teams that won the first toss during the 2019 world cup games went on to win twenty-eight of the forty-one group stage games.

Focus on Certain Markets

As you become an expert in sports betting and cricket betting, you’ll need to start learning about the various markets available. Punters need to know how to differentiate between the different leagues and tournaments.
Furthermore, it would help if you learned the names of the players and their respective teams. As you continue progressing into professional betting, try to place your focus on specific markets. It means you shouldn’t bet just because there’s a cricket game going on.
Failure to stick to specific markets will cause your focus to drift. It will also cause you to become confused, and this may lead to numerous losses. If possible, stick to domestic markets until a time comes when you can bet on an international game with complete confidence that you’ll make a profit.


Don’t be in a hurry to progress. It takes time to move from being an amateur to a seasoned punter. Ensure you learn the game, its rules, and the different types of bets available. Use your accumulated knowledge to develop a betting strategy. Refine it every once in a while.