Chartr App Download – Delhi Bus / Metro Online E-Ticket Booking

The COVID-19 pandemic teaches us many things in life. The life after COVID-19 will be different than today. Everyone will become practical. Every situation will be done by taking care of the infection spread. However, nowadays our today’s life is also different than yesterday. Every day we are learning new things to reduce the infection of the COVID-19 virus.

The government also make some new portal and website to launch their scheme. They also make some application to invite the application form from the citizen of India. Due to the CORONA pandemic, we can not stop our work. But we can change our lifestyle to reduce the infection of the COVID-19 virus. We have to be updated in today’s digital world.

However, the Government of India has launched the program called Digital India program before this pandemic. Due to this pandemic, the program is automatically improved by all the state governments as well as all the citizens of India. People will choose to book tickets online rather than offline.

Because of the offline booking, a person should have to go to the station and book the ticket. In this way, there are many chances to infect with the virus. So every person will choose the safe mode of ticket booking. Not only in ticket booking, but also every condition, a person will choose a safer way to communicate.

People will do video calls to their loved ones rather than to meet them. The pandemic will affect every step of our life. Here, we will talk about one of the actions which are taken by the government to reduce the infection of the virus and make it readily available for the citizen.

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About Chartr App

The cases of the CORONA pandemic are consistently increasing in the capital of our nation that Delhi. So the Delhi government must take some significant steps to reduce the cases. However, until now, many steps are taken by the government, but the cases are still increasing in the capital region.

There is something to leave behind. Recently, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejariwal request the citizen of Delhi to download the App called Chartr App. The government makes the application. The aim behind the making of this application is to help the citizen to book online tickets, and they should not have to go for ticket booking. There may chance to get affected during ticket booking to the COVID-19 virus.

Delhi chief minister urges the people of Delhi to download the Chartr App from the google play store. If any person has an android mobile, then they can download the Chartr App from the google play store app. They just have to open the google play store and search the name of the application.

They will come to know about the application. They just have to download that application. With the use of the Chartr app, a person can book the tickets of the DElhibus/Metro through online mode.

This application will help the person to know about the routes that are running in Delhi on the metro. The Chartr Mobile App is one of the significant steps towards the precautions of the COVID-19 pandemic as there is no direct connection with the people during the booking of the ticket. The chance to increase the cases due to ticket booking is near to nill.

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Chartr App Download from Google Play Store (Android)

The Delhi government facilitate the citizen to book an online ticket of the Delhi Metro and Delhi bus. We can say this will be a great step in the Delhi government to reduce the infection. This type of ticket booking is also called contactless e-ticket booking.

With the use of this App, the person can make hassle-free ticket booking. This type of ticket booking will change the traditional way of ticket booking in Delhi as well as India. However, you can download this application on the google play store.

If you have n android mobile, then you have to click on the play store app on your mobile. Here, for a hassle-free download, I will provide the direct lin of the application. By clicking on the link, you can directly download the App. The link is: You have to click on the install button to install the application.

Delhi Bus / Metro Online E-Ticket Booking App Download – Alternate Method

Other alternative methods are also available to download the application. To use the alternate method, you have to follow the step that is given below:

  • You have to message ‘hi’ on WhatsApp number 9910096264
  • When you message on the WhatsApp number, then a link or URL will be sent on that number.
  • The next step is you have to click on the URL or link that message on your whats app number. When you click on the link sent on your phone, then you will able to download the application named Chartr.
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How to Buy Tickets of Buses Online using Chartr App – Contactless E-Ticketing

As far as we know that this application will help to book the tickets. This App will help you to reduce the infection of the corona pandemic and book the tickets in an online way. There are mainly two methods available on the application. I will give you information about both methods of e-ticket booking.

Method-1 By fare

In this method, users can scan the QRcode on the bus using the application, and then they can select fare, and after payment confirmation, the tickets will be available on the mobile.

Method-2 By destination

Users can select the route, source, and destination, and then they have to scan the QRcode that is present on the bus. As the user scans the QRcode on the bus, they will receive the amount which is calculated. After the successful payment of the tickets, the tickets will be received by the user on mobile.

Salient Features of Delhi Chartr App for Online Bus & Metro E-Ticket Booking Mobile App

  • Directions
  • Live bus tracking and route information
  • Public information system (PIS)
  • Auto-detect closest bus stops and metro stations near you.
    – Save home and office for an easy commute.
    – Hindi language support is coming soon.