AWS vs. Azure: Which One Should You Choose?

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AWS vs. Azure: Which One Should You Choose?

Cloud services are utilized by multiple businesses, driving an increasing number of professionals to change their current IT role to cloud-related one. The issue is that most individuals only have so much time after work to study new technologies, and there are several cloud services that you can master. Even if you narrow your emphasis to two of the largest cloud platform providers, Azure vs. AWS, the decision would be difficult.

This article will help you determine Which Cloud Platform To Choose.

Why should I get certified in Azure or AWS?

If you are an expert in cloud technology, you can walk into an interview, ace it, and be hired. However, if you are just getting started in cloud computing, you might need proof of knowledge to get that interview in the first place.

How can you demonstrate that you are a good fit for your prospective employer? Conveniently, the most popular platforms have certificates that frequently prove that you are competent. Here are three significant advantages of becoming certified:

Learn as you study

Having the certification as an objective is an excellent method to motivate oneself to work more in the classroom. Start with the certification required if you are unsure where to begin understanding cloud technologies. It provides a clear path to the fundamentals, so you will know what you are doing at all times. As you advance, consider joining one of the cloud computing degrees to assist you in your professional career path. If you have problems committing to your initiatives, a scheduled exam will serve as an excellent motivator to study more diligently.

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Get hands-on skills

Because even the most basic Azure and AWS certifications require you to solve issues, you should have some hands-on experience before taking the test. You may learn how to integrate cloud technology into your project, or you can make it simpler for yourself by taking small steps.

Lab challenges help you get acclimated to adopting cloud solutions and encourage you to thoroughly comprehend what you are doing.

Open new opportunities

Finally, obtaining a credential in Azure or AWS is an opportunity for obtaining higher-paying employment. Having a certificate that verifies your talents is a must-have bonus, whether for changing fields or getting a boost in your present work.

Azure vs. AWS: Which do employers prefer?

The profession you wish to acquire is the most critical aspect in deciding on an Azure or AWS certification. You must first identify an employer or employers for whom you want to work and research the credentials required. Forget about market trends and start studying Azure if your ideal career demands it.

Numerous jobs consider AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform certifications a bonus. However, there are plenty of positions that merely require an AWS certificate.


Eventually, the decision is yours. If you want to get certified in the most popular cloud technology today, choose AWS, as it has a more significant market share than any other cloud service provider and will most likely continue to do so. 

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Also, it will be quick and convenient to identify all the materials you need to study online. Great Learning has an online post-graduate program in cloud computing on both Azure and AWS and plenty of study material to learn.