Africa: Mobile Sports Betting is Thriving

People on the continent of Africa have something in common regardless of their ethnicity, religion, culture, language, or political views. Sports are their passion, especially football, and sports betting is a beloved pastime. According to South African official figures, more than 50% of South African adults regularly wager on sports. Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda are just a few of the countries that are catching up on the trend. There’s a reason why online sports wagering has been gaining traction now more than ever – and mobile phones are not the only answer. Let’s see why mobile sports wagering is so widespread in Africa today. 

Reason 1: An Increase in Mobile Usage and Digital Literacy

One of the main reasons why placing bets on the go is available and so popular is the increased accessibility to new technology. First came the cheaper and more accessible portable phones, and then came the high internet speeds. This allowed many young people to hop on the trend and start placing bets on their mobile phones. Moreover, the new mobile payment systems allow easy transactions, which used to be yet another obstacle for African bettors. Mobile payment systems like M-Pesa have led to a sharp surge in the popularity of mobile and online sports betting, which was formerly restricted to retail outlet locations across the continent. The pandemic played a large role in digital literacy as well, especially in less developed countries. Once everything shifted online, people had no choice but to start using digital devices. 

Reason 2: Mobile Sportsbooks Make Betting Easy and Accessible

Instead of calculating the time lost and traveling money that it takes to get to a land-based bookie, online sports betting sites allow you to bet from home. Now, with accessible phones, payments, and internet packages, African bettors can place bets at any time, no matter where they are. 

Online sportsbooks like allow you to place bets from the comfort of your home or on the go. This is an all-around betting site that allows pre-match and live betting, giving you the opportunity to place bets on multiple sports markets. Besides football, you can also bet on basketball, American football, golf, boxing, and much more. 

The fact that most online sportsbooks now are now completely mobile-optimized speaks volumes of the importance of mobile wagers. Not only that you can place sports, but you can also claim promotions, bank with popular payment options, and even play your favorite casino games. 

On top of that, some operators even offer native mobile apps that you can download on your phone. Yet, the truth is that most gamers prefer playing from their mobile browsers, as this option allows them to place bets without downloading any additional software. 

Maybe the most important factor is safety – players no longer need to worry about whether their data will be stolen or whether they’re joining a regulated operator. As online bookies adopted the use of SSL technology and obtained proper licenses, the safety of desktop and mobile wagering was no longer questionable. 

Reason 3: New iGaming Legislation in the African Countries

Online wagering, or wagering, in general, is not legal everywhere, and the same can be said about Africa. But times change, and so do the laws, especially when officials consider the revenue that comes from betting. 

For instance, in South Africa, you can legally wager on your favorite sports, both online and offline, and this includes betting from your mobile device. However, online casinos are not yet legalized. On the other hand, there is Kenya, which has legally run online casinos and sportsbooks. Tanzania is yet another example of a rapidly growing mobile betting scene, given that the mobile broadband infrastructure underwent severe improvements. Ghana and Uganda are also examples of nations where only betting is legal, allowing players easier access to sports betting.

Each country has its own legislation when it comes to online betting, but if it is allowed, you are free to place mobile bets. 

The Future of the African Mobile Betting Scene

Mobile betting in Africa is just getting started, and it’s becoming more widespread than ever as people are joining in on the craze. Paridirect is only one of the sportsbooks that have popped up and allow players to enjoy their favorite sports. With new investments being made and young Africans starting to join in on the digital craze, we do not anticipate any slowdown of growth in the foreseeable future.