A Beginner’s Guide to Online Basketball Betting in the Philippines

If you’re an avid basketball fan living in the Philippines, it’s likely that you’ve heard of sports betting. However, if this is something that sounds intimidating to you, or you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! You can easily make your first bet by learning how to do so online, and there are plenty of options to choose from for both domestic and international basketball betting sites. To help get you started, we have compiled the ultimate guide on online basketball betting in the Philippines!

What is online basketball betting?

Online basketball betting is one of the most lucrative and exciting sectors of sports betting. There are many large online bookmakers who offer a huge variety of basketball bets, including live-betting. Whether you’re looking for odds on an upcoming NBA game or you want to place some money on an up-and-coming high school player, there’s a site out there that will cater specifically to your needs.

Choosing an online basketball betting site can be tricky; there are so many out there and each has its own unique selling points. To help you choose, we’ve put together a list that highlights our top picks for online pba betting in 2022 in the Philippines at the end of this article.

Why do we bet on basketball?

In short, because it’s fun. We watch basketball for enjoyment and watching your favorite team or player go head-to-head with a rival is exciting. There’s nothing quite like attending a live sporting event, but online basketball betting can make up for that when you aren’t close enough to do so.

Many people consider sports betting as illegal gambling, especially in developing countries such as India and The Philippines where government and law enforcement are strict when it comes to gambling. You can bet on any sport at a variety of local or international bookmakers and have access to one of the most competitive markets available worldwide, allowing you unique opportunities not available if you only played locally.

How are online bookmakers regulated?

A lot of people feel intimidated by sports betting websites. They don’t fully understand how they work and what to do if they run into problems while using them. Because it’s a pretty competitive industry, bookmakers have an incentive to regulate themselves so that players can trust their site and be more likely to return.

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It seems like a fair amount of players are aware of that; most people say that online bookmakers make it easy for you to report any issues or file a complaint. Whether you’re winning or losing, your experience with an online sportsbook is likely going to go smoothly and without any hassles. When something goes wrong, though, try being respectful even if you’re upset.

How can I register at online bookmaker sites?

In order to register at an online bookmaker site, first you will need a wallet or an account where your funds will be stored. All of these sites accept both VISA and MasterCard payment methods, so it is very convenient for customers from all over the world. Then after you’ve registered as a member at one of these websites, simply fund your account with either cash or using your credit card and place wagers on any of their existing lines by making use of one of their live betting interfaces.

The site displays betting odds for major sports leagues like NBA, NCAAB and others that may interest gamblers including PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) in basketball, MLB (Major League Baseball), NFL (National Football League), NHL (National Hockey League) and many more.

What are the popular online bookmakers accepting players from Philippines right now?

There are a number of reasons why people want to play online basketball betting in the Philippines, including high-quality basketball, excellent odds and great customer service. Most bookmakers that cater to Filipinos also accept players from around Asia (and even some European and Latin American players) so these sites also offer a chance for international betting action if you don’t mind operating with a site outside your home country.

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The best online sportsbooks in the Philippines are:

1.  Pinnacle Sports

One of the best sportsbooks on the internet and great for NBA basketball betting fans looking for a bookmaker that will offer odds with reasonable juice and accept players from Asia, Pinnacle Sports is still relatively new in terms of its reputation in Philippine cyberspace, but it’s quickly growing thanks to some excellent promotions.

2. William Hill

The Philippine online bookie of choice for many Filipino punters, William Hill has offered excellent odds on a number of high-profile basketball games over recent years and offers some of the best bonus offers around.

3. TipBets

One of several books that cater to Asian players and offer competitive odds on NBA games as well as a nice signup bonus, TipBets is one of our favorite basketball betting sites in any sport (we don’t cover football here).

4. 5Dimes

One of the most popular books for online sports betting in general (and one of our favorites), 5Dimes offers solid NBA odds along with an excellent signup bonus for new bettors.

5. Sports Interaction

This well-known Canadian bookmaker does business around Asia and provides excellent odds on a number of sports, including NBA basketball games. And thanks to a generous signup bonus package, you can also get some extra money when you join up with Sports Interaction!


Another quality book for international players that offers competitive lines across multiple sports including basketball betting for Filipinos, TopBet is a popular choice for Filipino bettors looking for great action.

What types of bonuses are available at online Philippine books?

Most online bookmakers offering NBA betting have some kind of bonus promotion on offer and these incentives will often include free plays, risk-free bets and cashback specials. Some sites even give you special odds just for opening an account or refer a friend. This can be quite helpful when you’re first starting out as it gives you plenty of room to try out different strategies before risking any cash on your favorite teams.

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When a new season starts, most bonuses are offered only once – so make sure you take advantage at once! It is also common for bookies to award more points with their promotions than during regular games: again, more reason to get signed up early!

How sports betting is regulated in the Philippines?

Each bettor is required to undergo a screening by way of a background check with their local police department. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is tasked with regulating sports betting and has several rules concerning online betting including one that requires customers have at least 5 Filipino pesos on hand before they can place bets online.

Customers are also required to sign a registration form as part of their account set up, which allows PAGCOR access to pertinent information regarding that customer’s bank account and/or credit card information. This helps ensure only adults have access to these sites, preventing minors from gambling online.


In online basketball betting, point spread odds can be either half-time or full-time, depending on how you bet. For example, if you are betting on a team for a game’s total score and the final score is not in favor of your team, you will get even money (-1.00).

However, if it’s not going to be an even score at half time (for example 10–10), then that is considered a half-time wager; therefore it will pay around 2.3/1. That way, you will have earned more than what your actual bet was worth because of your wager winning by less than expected.