3 South African TV series not to be missed in 2022

3 South African TV series not to be missed in 2022

Between 2019 and 2021, in the darkest months of the pandemic, people latched onto their favourite TV shows and series from platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime in an attempt to escape the boredom and discontent resulting from the forced closures and confinements caused by the health emergency, which forced millions of people to spend much more time at home. In between strictly smart working calls, people had to come up with winning strategies for their personal entertainment, with the aim of finding interesting pastimes to help them cope better with one of the worst periods in recent history. One of these activities – perhaps the main one – is watching films, TV series or TV shows, to which people have abandoned themselves wholeheartedly, even for more than two or three hours in a single day. From a certain point of view, the global pandemic has been a valuable opportunity to redefine one’s personal tastes, to find new genres of entertainment that reshape one’s interests, and to discover new aspects of one’s personality. 

Among the television productions to watch out for as 2021 draws to a close are South African productions, especially television series, which have demonstrated a vigour and enjoyment that is in no way inferior to the best-known Hollywood offerings. One of the most interesting series is Queen Sono, in which some of South Africa’s best actors have worked. The story is that of Zanzibar, an underground agent with an orphan background who tries to thwart crime in his city. The characters in this series – Dabula, Mhende and Pearl, among others – manage to enter the hearts of viewers right away, binding them even more firmly to the show. For the time being, the show consists of two seasons, one of which aired during 2020. The second season, due to the outbreak of the global pandemic, was abruptly discontinued, but will most likely be revived in the coming months. Queen Sono is also available on Netflix.

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Isono and Intersexion

Another extremely popular TV series, especially among those who were confined to their homes during the oppressive months of lockdown, is undoubtedly Isono, centred on the figure of a woman, Mary Ndlovo, who appears torn by an internal conflict between two aspects of her personality: on the one hand, there is the woman who is respected and admired by everyone, on the other hand, there is her darker side, that of the woman who would stop at nothing to obtain power and success. The same conflict seems to animate her adopted son, Gabriel, who is perpetually suspended between good and evil. Isono, which has recently exceeded 100 episodes, is followed and appreciated in every corner of the world, especially thanks to the visibility offered by Netflix.

A third television series we would like to recommend is Intersexion, which deals with the extremely complex issue of living with HIV/AIDS. The episodes tell the story of a number of young people struggling with HIV/AIDS and explain in detail how the infection spreads from partner to partner in a larger or smaller group of people.

Multifaceted creativity

But South African creativity in the field of entertainment has, in recent years, definitely gone beyond the boundaries of TV shows and series and into the magical territory of online gaming. Within some platforms, you can find a selection of the best South African online casinos of 2022, with the possibility of making a highly personalised choice according to your personal tastes. With these virtual options, every player can experience the thrill of the land-based casino from the comfort of their own home, without having to travel to the physical location to indulge in pure, unlimited fun. All games are carefully selected from the most reliable ones offered by the South African landscape, and the platform is further enriched by useful guides and expert advice, thus creating an absolutely extraordinary gaming experience.

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The largest economy on the African continent is approaching 2022 with an extremely ambitious spirit, determined to carve out an increasingly decisive role on the global chessboard. Not only from an economic point of view, but also through its entertainment offering, which is always exciting and full of new stimuli for people.