Bellas Auto Insurance- Overview, Products, and Reviews

Bellas Auto Insurance- Overview, Products, and Reviews

Bellas Auto Insurance is one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in Texas. If you reside in Texas, you should use this company for all your commercial and personal insurance requirements. They are offering so many types of offers and discounts for insurance. Let’s discuss Bellas Auto Insurance, its products, and reviews here. 

Bellas Auto Insurance: Overview

The firm was established in 2017 and specializes in commercial and personal insurance. Their main goal is to provide affordable insurance to everyone, and people can easily apply for it. The state has more than 25 leading insurance companies, but Bellas Auto Insurance comes on top with its affordable insurance policy plans for common people. 

Along with that, the insurance company is also offering customized plans as per individual requirements. For those with specific requirements, the company will customize the policy and offer required plans as the customer wants. Very few companies offer customized insurance plans for their customers. 

Types of Insurance Offered By Bellas Auto Insurance Company:

  • Home Insurance, 
  • Renters Insurance,
  • Boat Insurance, 
  • Auto Insurance, 
  • Commercial Insurance, 
  • Surety Bond, 
  • Notary Services,
  • SR22,
  • Motorcycle Insurance,
  • Mexico Travel Insurance

Bellas Auto Insurance offers affordable quotations and, eventually, an insurance policy for any of these insurance requirements. If you are interested in any of these types of policies, you can get in touch with the company today. 

Bellas Auto Insurance Customer Reviews

As the company has been established for many years, they have been working with a number of clients. And amongst all those customers, most have good things to say about the company, its services, insurance policies, discounts, and more. 

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Also, their employees have received impressive reviews in handling customers throughout obtaining insurance. The employees working at Bellas Auto Insurance are kind and compassionate. They behave professionally and are knowledgeable about all the essential information regarding all the insurance policies. 

Overall reviews of Bellas Auto Insurance company are positive, and they handle all their clients with utmost importance. Even customers who have yet to learn about which policy to choose will explain everything in depth. So that customers can choose which insurance plan to choose.

Bellas Auto Insurance Company Locations: 

The company is located throughout multiple branches, and you can find your nearest branch from the following list: 

  1. Balch Springs – Lake June Road
  2. Carrollton – Josey & Belt Line
  3. Dallas – 1831 Buckner Blvd
  4. Dallas – Lake June Road
  5. Dallas – 1506 Buckner Blvd
  6. Dallas – Ferguson – Gus Thompson
  7. Duncanville – Camp Wisdom Road
  8. Duncanville – Camp Wisdom Road
  9. Fort Worth – Azle Ave
  10. Garland – Walnut Street
  11. Garland – Garland Road
  12. Irving – Shady Grove
  13. Oak Cliff – Jefferson Blvd

How to Claim your Insurance?

The customer must raise various claims, and the insurance company will handle everything. Amongst many reasons, being the fastest and smoothest claim process is also the prime feature of Bellas Auto Insurance. 

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For specific types of claims, different processes must be worked out. Let’s talk about various types of claims to be raised from the customer’s side: 

  1. Car Insurance Claim Process: 

They come under two main categories viz. Damaged Vehicles and Windshield & Glass Repairs. For that, you need to submit your claim via online mode, i.e., through their mobile app. Other than that, you can also choose to get help from the Customer Executives. They will guide you throughout the claim process and assist you with all the help you need. 

Then you will receive a list of their collaborated car service, repair shops, and showrooms. You can choose your nearest repair workshop and get it from their network shops. An executive representing Bellas Auto Insurance will guide you throughout all the processes. 

2. Home Insurance Claim Process: 

In the case of claiming process for Home Insurance, you need to claim through online mode. If you are not aware of the app, you can also opt to talk with the customer care executive, and they will guide you through further processes. 

Initially, your home will be inspected by an executive from the company related to all the things that come under the insurance. Also, the professional will determine the cause of damages and other essential information related to the claiming process. 

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They will take necessary videos and photos of and around your house for the claiming process and future procedures. Also, they will note everything you have lost so that the company gathers everything and then cross-checks all the data to verify the policy and claim procedures. 

Bellas Auto Insurance Contact Details: 

  • To contact the team of Bellas Auto Insurance, you can call: +1-844-422-4221.
  • To send an email regarding any of the queries, their email is: [email protected]
  • To submit the form on their official website regarding a specific query, go to:
  • Their Head Quarter is located at:
    637 Centre St #160,
    TX 75208,

Final Words

There are very few insurance companies that offer a variety of insurance policies. Bellas Auto Insurance deals with Auto Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Life Insurance, Property Insurance, and more – to get any of these insurances done – contact them and get discounts on any of the policies you might want. They offer the best services related to insurance policies and more.