Zoë Kravitz still unknown when they will return to the filming of The Batman

Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle / Catwoman in The Batman (2021)

Although there are already countries that are working so that the production companies can shoot the film and series shoots in their country, since they represent an important source of income for the town, Hollywood is still trying to find out how to proceed in such an uncertain situation as a result of the pandemic that is affecting our entire planet.

More specifically, while the UK has given production companies permission to resume their jobs, it does not appear that “The Batman” will be moving in the near future. This is something they have referred to in the past, but now Actress Zoë Kravitz again highlights the uncertainty that exists by stating the following:

I am in contact with everyone and we are ready to continue when it is safe but nobody has a clue.

Kravitz does not stop there and gives a very specific problem of her role as Catwoman that she must rethink before this new situation in which keeping distances saves lives: the process of putting on her suit. As we well know, for actors to characterize themselves as their characters, sometimes it takes a whole team of specialists to be on top of them.

You have people touching your face and body throughout the day. I need help keeping in the cat suit. I can’t do it on my own. It is possible that I have been touched more in this job than in any other because of the clothes, the combat and all that.

This topic is something that is already being dealt with internally throughout the film industry and there are already voices showing their predilection for caution in an exceptional situation. In the same Variety article, a Hollywood producer points out that until the end of the year the filming could not be resumed, but an important number of aspects should be reconsidered.

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For the moment “The Batman” maintains its release date for October 1, 2021.

Via information | Variety