Tom Ellis turns down offer to do a sixth season of Lucifer

Lucifer 4x03 Image: O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

The Serie “Lucifer” it seemed like he was on the right track to have a sixth season, after Netflix was interested in extending the series and negotiating with Warner Bros and the actors for it. The last thing we heard is that all parties agreed, including leading actor Tom Ellis, but it appears the project has had a major setback.

Multiple sources suggest that the negotiations between Warner Bros and Tom Ellis to return to the series would have come to a standstill when Ellis has rejected the latest offer from the study. This is surprising because apparently, Ellis does already have a contract for the sixth season as it was said at the beginning of the year, so it is not exactly known if we are facing a breach of the contract, or if there is any clause that allows him to reject the offer.

It is also said that it would be Ellis who would be putting more problems because apparently, Warner Bros. TV would be trying again and again to reach a common point, because they say that “everyone wants Tom to be happy”, but they also say that “there is a limit, and it has been reached” .

At the moment, the representatives of Netflix, those of Warner Bros. and that of Tom Ellis have not commented on it.

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