Timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe 78: The Runaways’ Time Travels

Timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe 78: The Runaways' Time Travels

Last time we were in 2019 of the UCM timeline, and in this report we will return briefly to 2018 after some temporary forays that we could see in the third season of Runaways. While in the fifth season of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “Avengers: Endgame” We are shown time travel involving new timelines, or new universes, the Doctor Strange and Runaways film shows evidence that time can be rewritten. In this report we see that Runaways T2 shows different versions of the same reality, while “Avengers: Endgame” shows different versions in different realities.

Time Travel Rules

Time travel is always a tremendously delicate narrative resource, and if not used correctly it can be disastrous. You just have to see the incessant debates that have arisen after the end of Captain America in Avengers: Endgame.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. T3E15

In this episode the Inhuman Charles Hinton causes Quake to have a vision of his impending death. When the team begins to see a way to prevent that vision from being fulfilled, Fitz says the following:

You can not. Speaking in four dimensions, if you see the future, then that is the future. […] Guys, there is no way. She saw the fourth dimension, time is an illusion. That is the way we perceive the fourth dimension.

Fitz: “We are in three dimensions. But imagine that we live in a two-dimensional existence. Flat. We are not able to conceive of three dimensions. We cannot perceive anything that is two-dimensional, so we perceive a cube as several separate two-dimensional moments. The passing of time, the point of traveling linearly between space-time is there, static. There’s no future. There is no past. It’s just that.”

Fitz explains to us that speaking tetradimensionally time already exists, and we are only witnessing at a different moment a time stage already written. Later in the season we see that these visions of the future are inevitable, the future is already written and cannot be altered.

Doctor strange

This is the most important piece, said by Karl Mordo himself. The Masters of the Mystical Arts have studied everything related to magic and dimensions and know what is possible in an unscientific way. In the MCU, magic is science we don’t know, and Mordo says the following:

Temporal manipulations can create new temporal branches. Unstable dimensional openings. Paradoxes Temporal loops. Do you want to get stuck in one moment over and over forever? Or has it ever existed?

We have seen all those time travel effects in the comics, and in the MCU we have also seen, or will see, several of those alternatives. The description of the time branches is what we see in “Endgame”, when the Avengers are teleported from their own time through the Quantum Realm and are expelled at another time point of a moment already lived, which favors a new timeline , or an alternative universe.

Unstable dimensional openings are something we haven’t seen yet, and paradoxes are something we might see in the future, perhaps in the imminent “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” T7. We have also seen how Strange was able to alter the time of an inanimate object (the apple) or on a large scale without having major repercussions on the timeline.

Time Loops is something we’ve seen in “Doctor Strange,” having created a loop with the time gem in the Dark Dimension. And we have also seen this in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. T5 when the agents are taken to a dystopian universe that can become the future of the MCU from 2018 onwards, and when they return the events happen as they are and as predicted, until Coulson’s decision that was able to break a time loop that has condemned several similar universes within the Multiverse. So we have already seen loops.

Now, never having existed is something we witness in Runaways T3, when different versions of characters come out and are erased from the same timeline. That is, this specific time trip involves different versions of the same timeline, rather than different versions on different timelines / different universes. This is attributed to the fact that the time machine created by Chase Stein is based on the theory that if gravity can alter time, and light can create gravity, light can alter time using it to bend it on itself. Go back in it and recreate what we already lived and already witnessed. In the E7 of season 1 they use the example of the Sun, we are seeing it, but at the same time it is no longer happening. It should be noted that Stein uses the Gibborim Abstract for this, a book that brings thousands, perhaps millions, to the discoveries of Humans. It also took Stein 10 years of research to accomplish this, as it involves altering the timing of an already-occurring timeline, something Stein warns his fellow Runaways to avoid being seen to cause further undesirable disturbances / time branches.

Stein does not use another region of the Multiverse (Quantum Realm) to go out at another point of time but uses the same region of Earth in the Multiverse to break the same space-time barrier and move on the same terrain. The script for “Endgame” specifies that when traveling through the Quantum World to another point in time nothing happens, but once you remove a gem from infinity a new timeline is created. Something writers like Christopher Markus have said in other interviews is true, so Barton’s little time trip to 2018 didn’t create a new timeline, but instead rewrote about it. Something that the Russos evade, but they say that it is possible to create new timelines just by traveling in time, this “possible” says that it does not always happen that way, so Captain America traveling to the past could or could not have created a line new storm, what defines this? Creative decisions and the script.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. T5E2-E5

Deke Shaw: “You may not know it, but there is a multiverse theory. According to quantum physics, for each universe there are infinite parallel universes. In my Universe, you [Quake] you destroyed the planet, maybe this hasn’t happened yet […]”

There are several alternative realities, and in this case there is a time loop involved.

The Multiverse already existed before, like the alternative realities, as we will see in the animated series of “What If …?” where the characters present are new versions, mostly, that do not diverge from the main MCU.

Leo Fitz: “[Hinton] he was inhuman. […] He saved Daisy, and she was convinced that she could save him, change the future, but… ”

Lance Hunter: “What is written is written.”

Fitz then plunges into a cryogenic dream, which later shows that Fitz was able to stay in time using only time, but in the other Universe this Fitz made the same decision.

Avengers: Endgame

This is the most content, since the Russos have said that this is what happens when changing time, but we already know that it depends on the writers (always approved by Marvel Studios) they can play to a certain point in the change in time.

Hulk: “Changing the past does not alter the future.”

I will enter a technicality here and I will say that it is curious that it says “change” and not “visit”. Which would imply that time can be changed if you go back in time, not just visiting it in a loop / paradox. This would also indicate that Banner knows that the past can be changed, but because he knows that infinity gems have this ability.

Professor Hulk: “Think about it: if you travel to the past, the past becomes your future, and your old present becomes the past. Which cannot be altered by your new future. ”

In other words, when you travel to 2012, living that moment from the past, that moment is your future, and 2023 is your personal past, but staying in 2012 and doing whatever you do will not change your present 2023.

As we know, the future of that alternative 2012 can be changed. This sentence defines “you cannot rewrite time”.

The infinity gems are necessary for the universe to remain in an unalterable state … Each one controls a necessary aspect of the universe, that is why Captain America returns the gems just at the moment they were removed. Let’s say removing the gems cemented that new course of time, and returning them is to ensure that they remain intact. With everything we know.

Also keep in mind that the Avengers decided not to change the last 5 years, as Stark says.

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Runaways T1

We see that Victor has managed to create a glimpse transmitter to the possible future and uses the theory of gravity, light and time.

In another scene we see:

Victor: “Atmospheric refraction. Makes sunlight distorted. The sun is already gone, but we still see it. ”

Janet: “So he’s here and not at the same time?”

Victor: “Right now, we are looking back in time, a moment beyond its normal limits.”

Now with all that said, let’s continue.


June 14th

Image from the third season of Runaways

  • Chase Stein travels to the year 2021.
  • By this time, Alex Wilder has founded his company, Nico Minoru has trained with a Master of the Mystical Arts and Karolina Dean has a new girlfriend, Julie. The Runaways have crossed paths with Victor Mancha, and one of the Runaways attempted to assassinate Alex, so he begins to use Stein’s time machine to assassinate his friends in the past. (R3E10)


26 of August

  • Alex (2028) visits Minoru in his own home and tries to murder her, but fails. Chase (2028) stops him. Alex-28 escapes, so Runaways-21 and Chase-28 travel through time to track and stop him.


December 8

  • The Runaways team travels to the date they discovered the PRIDE basement. The skirmish leads to Chase-28 crossing with Gert-17, and defending it, something that at that time, was not normal between them. The Runaways confront Alex-28, but Alex-17 discovers them. Nico-21 uses her powers to erase the memory of everyone present, including Alex-17. With Alex-28 captured, the team travels to the date of the battle with Morgan le Fay, but Alex-21 returns to its 2021 timeline.


26 of August

  • Temporary travelers arrive in 2018. Nico-21 gives advice to Nico-18 about his relationship with Karolina Dean and asks him to let his relationship lead to a healthier life. Then he erases what happened from his 18-yo memory, minus the advice.

Image from the third season of Runaways

  • Chase-28 knocks out Chase-18 and takes the Fistigons, convinces Gert-18 to give him Tina’s magic salt, and goes to face Morgan le Fay. Chase-28 manages to make the circle, but not before being mortally wounded. The plan works and Le Fay is imprisoned again in the Dark Dimension. Old Lace awakens Gert Yorkes, who has been saved. Due to the effects of this time travel, the time line is rewritten on the events that have already occurred. Gert Yorkes is still alive, the 2021/2028 versions of the Runaways disappear, the actions of the Runaways of 2021 in the year 2017 remain in history, Chase-28 passes away, but everyone has a new future to follow.

August 27th

  • The Runaways: Gert, Chase, Alex, Nico, Karolina, and Molly meet for breakfast. Alex finds a note before going with his friends, the note was written by his version of 2028 that tells him to infiltrate “Wilder Innovator”, hide Mancha and kill Nico. Alex ignores the note and saves it to enjoy with his friends a beautiful morning in a new future.


  • Morgan Stark is born. (AE)

June 26-July 5

  • The agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. they face Izel and his Shrike. They manage to prevent the beings of the Dimension of Fear from entering the earth plane, but they are forced to flee from the chronicles who seeks to destroy the existence of S.H.I.E.L.D. in history to prevent them from ruining their plans to take over the land. Using a time machine that works on the basis of the White Monolith, the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. they travel back to the 1930s. (AoST6)


the beginning

Image from the seventh season of Agents of SHIELD

  • During the facets of Empire State building, the Zephyr One with the surviving agents arrives in New York. (AoS6E13)

What time travel rules will this course of events take? We’ll see it all in the seventh and final season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


  • The Mexican cartel removed by Punisher in 2016 regroups after the events of the Snap and eventually falls under the sights of vigilante Ronin. (AE)

Next week we will see the events of “Avengers: Endgame”.

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