The producers of Spider-Man: A New Universe give details of the film and its sequel

Picture of Spider-Man: A New Universe (2018)

This night has taken place the Watch Party of “Spider-Man: A New Universe” with producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller And, as has happened with previous views of other directors, they have been able to leave some important details of the film and, perhaps most interesting for the future, possible clues of what will come in the sequel already confirmed for 2022.

We summarize first the main details or headlines that have drawn our attention to the film, since the film is full of references, not all related to superheroes, to leave for the end the details that have given the face of the sequel

Main curiosities of Spider-Man: A new universe

As for the first installment itself, they have given a couple of details about the importance of number 42, appearing prominently as a wink throughout the footage, Miller even says that “42 and Miles have a lot of synergy”. As confirmed by the film’s official account, “It is a reference in honor of Jackie Robinson, the first African American player in the professional baseball league and who had number 42”.

The villain in the movie, Kingpin, He is portrayed on the tape as a particularly heavyset man with exaggerated proportions. Miller has confirmed that were inspired by the illustrations of the comic artist Bill Sienkiewicz to design the character and they even paid tribute to him with the flashback that explains Wilson Fisk’s past.

Spider-Man: A New Universe Sequel Details

Entering into the sequel, They have not been especially revealing but they have given small clues and have recalled a detail that perhaps could happen:

  • Miller advances the arrival of Leopardon for the sequel after being seen in Miles’s sketches in this first movie. This character was a giant robot that was designed for the Spider-Man series that Toei devised in the already distant 70s.
  • They continue working on the film despite the confinement and, although they still cannot say anything official, they do confirm that they are enjoying the development of the project very much.
  • As we well knew, producers tried to get Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire to appear in a scene but Sony did not allow it as they felt that “It was too early”. Maybe for the sequel we have better luck and we can see the three cinematic Spider-Man in the same scene, even if it is on the animated terrain.

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