The Flash 6 × 15: The Exorcism of Nash Wells reviews and audiences

Image from The Flash 6x15: The Exorcism of Nash Wells

Last Tuesday, March 17, The CW premiered the fifteenth episode of the sixth season of The Flash, titled “The Exorcism of Nash Wells”. A chapter in which while Barry (Grant Gustin), Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Singh (Patrick Sabongui) have to stop Sunshine (Natalie Sharp), a new murderer from Black Hole, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Cecille ( Danielle Nicolet) must perform an exorcism to Nash (Tom Cavanagh) who is possessed by Reverse Flash.

After last week’s crash, the scarlet sprinter gets a small break in the audience data. The series closed Tuesday night scoring 0.4 in the ratings. (We will see if it ends up becoming the average of this season or if it is only a punctual result) and gathering in front of the screen 1,189 million viewers. Some numbers that, even if scarcely, allow it to recover a 15% audience share compared to the disastrous previous week.

Comments for The Flash 6 × 15:

The chapter begins at the Citizen offices with the Iris clone (Candice Patton) and the Kamilla clone (Victoria Park), because apparently after the other Iris shot the photographer with the Eva mirror pistol (Efrat Dor) she created a new duplicate to replace it. Using a mirror Eva communicates with the two clones and orders them to find the Prismatic Refractor, a device that she created before becoming trapped in the mirror dimension (the mirrorverse) and that would allow her to return to the real world. After the credits we are located in STAR Labs where Cisco gives Barry a speed meter to monitor the use of his powers, because until they discover how to create their own Speed ​​Force, the sprinter must ration what little residual speed remains in his body. Likewise, the original trio decides to find out if Nash has finally got rid of Thawne or on the contrary is still possessed by the villain.

In Jitters, Joe meets with Chief Singh and explains his suspicions about the mole that Black Hole seems to have infiltrated within the CCPD, however, he is reluctant to believe that there is a traitor within the police. At STAR Labs, Cisco, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Barry interrogate Nash and he finally explains to them that he has been seeing the “spirits” of different Wells, although at first they do not believe him Caitlin discovers that after the crisis the mind of all the Wells of the multiverse has taken refuge in the waves brain cells. Making a reference to Starro, the first villain the Justice League faced in the comics, Nash, who is actually still Thawne, manages to trick the heroes, pass them out, and escape from his cell.

Image from The Flash 6x15: The Exorcism of Nash Wells

It doesn’t take long for the protagonist trio to regain consciousness and Barry guesses that Thawne, even without powers, is going to try to steal the time sphere. The sprinter uses his powers to stop him but his resentment and anger at the villain are about to make him make a mistake. Luckily, Caitlin and Cisco arrive in time to arrest him and, after putting Nash under observation, decide that Barry is too involved to deal with the problem, so they force him to leave. To try to kick Thawne out, Cisco connects Nash to a positive tachyon machine (as Reverse Flash appears to be invading the browser body with negative tachyon) and calls Cecille to be their Thawne detector, that is to say when the villain is trying to trick them.

When Cisco activates the positive tachyon machine we are moved to the mind of Nash, where the explorer relives his first encounter with Maya, the doppelganger from Allegra (Kayla Compton), on Earth-719. Thanks to this flashback we found out that Nash met the little girl on one of his trips and adopted and raised her as a daughter. Once the flashback is finished and still inside his mind, Nash runs into Thawne and he continues to torture him to feed on his pain and finish possessing him. On the other side of town, the clones of Iris and Kamilla infiltrate Mercury Labs to locate and steal the prismatic refractor, but when they find it, a new assassin Black Hole appears on the scene and steals the device. The Iris clone activates the warning signal to let Flash be in charge of the new villain, however, after receiving the warning Caitlin and Frost decide that Barry stays in STAR Labs while they prevent the crime.

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It doesn’t take long for Frost to get to Mercury Labs and stand up to the new villain, who calls herself Sunshine. In DC cartoons there is a male character who uses this name, however, it has little or nothing to do with this adaptation that the Arrowverse introduces us. Unable to sit still, Barry injects himself with a dose of Velocity-X and comes to Frost’s aid, but when he wants to stop Sunshine the sprinter suffers a kind of overdose and falls to the ground. Taking advantage of her chance, the villain, whose powers allow her to absorb and refract light, attempts to kill Frost, but the arrival of Joe and the CCPD forces her to flee quickly. In STAR Labs, while Caitlin recovers in the infirmary, the Iris clone reveals to Joe and Barry the identity of Sunshine (Millie Rawlins) and tries to get Captain West to leave the Prismatic Refractor in the custody of Team Flash.

Image of Sunshine in The Flash 6x15: The Exorcism of Nash Wells

However, Barry, feeling guilty about the state of Caitlin, decides that the object remains in the custody of the CCPD and ARGUS. For his part, Joe begins to suspect that something is wrong with Iris when he has to remind him, twice, that his main concern should not be the Refractor but Barry’s mood. The clone finds the sprinter in the time sphere and he ends up confessing that he feels helpless as he is losing his powers, however, the fake Iris reminds him that even without his powers he is still a hero and that if Flash cannot stop Sunshine Maybe Barry Allen if he can. For his part, Thawne continues to torture Nash with what seems to be the memory of the death of Maya (Allegra’s double) and in the real world Cisco has to use meta-human handcuffs in order for the villain, who is slowly recovering his speed. , cannot use his powers.

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At the CCPD police station, Chief Singh tells Joe that his theory that there is a Black Hole infiltrator in the police doesn’t seem so far-fetched to him anymore and together they prepare to transfer the Prismatic Refractor to ARGUS. Unfortunately, Sunshine, who had been invisible the entire time in Captain West’s office, listens to them and attacks ARGUS agents before Joe and Singh can deliver the artifact. During the fight Barry appears and Joe gives him the Prismatic Refractor to save him, the sprinter takes refuge in his laboratory and the villain chases him falling into a trap. Since apparently, thanks to the chat with the Iris clone, Barry has discovered Sunshine’s weak point (which is basically depriving her of sunlight with which to recharge her powers) and uses it to get the villain to stop.

Likewise, with Sunshine detained, Joe and Singh conclude that there really is no mole in the police and that in fact the person who was altering the evidence was the villain thanks to her powers. In STAR Labs, Cisco and Cecille discover that Nash is suffering from the death of Maya, I remember that Reverse Flash is using it to weaken the explorer psychically and emotionally, and Barry, who comes by surprise, convinces them to use MAD 2.0. to enter Nash’s mind and help him defeat the villain.

Image from The Flash 6x15: The Exorcism of Nash Wells

Guided by Cecille, Cisco and Barry enter Nash’s mind and find him quite weakened. While Cisco tries to convince the explorer to face his pain to expel Reverse Flash, the villain tries to provoke Barry by appealing to his guilt for the death of Nora / XS.. Luckily, Barry, having learned the lesson with Sun shine, doesn’t fall for Thawne’s provocation and holds him back while Cisco convinces Nash to relive the painful memory of Maya’s death. We finally discovered that Maya died on Earth-13, during a treasure hunt, because of Nash’s obsession with getting the prize / item they had been looking for. After accepting his pain, the explorer begins to regain control of his mind and expels Reverse Flash from his body.

After the danger Nash thanks Cisco for his help and he, in addition to explaining that the rest of Wells are still trapped in his mind, tells him that although Allegra is not Maya, the young journalist needs a father figure to help her and that he could be that figure. In fact, Harry’s spirit appears before the explorer and confirms that this was precisely the idea that all the Wells were trying to convey to him with their appearances. In the infirmary, Barry apologizes to Caitlin for putting her in danger and is quickly forgiving. Likewise, the sprinter tells the two scientists that thanks to his confrontation with Thawne he has recalled that Nora wrote in her diary how to create an artificial Speed ​​Force like that of Reverse Flash.

The chapter ends with the clones of Iris and Kamilla delivering the Prismatic Refractor to Eva. and telling him that they took advantage of the confrontation between Barry, Joe and Singh with Sunshine to change the original for a duplicate.