The Fantastic Four, no. 16

Cover of The Fantastic Four, no. 16

Original edition: Fantastic Four, vol. 6, no. 16 USA and Invisible Woman, vol. 1, no. 4 USA
Departure date: March 2020.
Script: Dan Slott and Mark Waid.
He drew: Sean Izaakse and Mattia de Iulis.
Format: Staple, 48 pp. In color.
Price: € 5.00

On a day like any other in Chapytel city, the Incomparables fought for the city in different groups relating different problems until Veedor requested their meeting, since “The Four” had returned. Immediately, the Incomporables threw themselves against Marvel-2 and defeated the Fantastic Four, throwing the Thing to Ciudadbaja. Fortunately, Reed managed to activate his universal translator to warn that they did not want to harm anyone, but Veedor told them that they would never leave. On the other hand, in Invisible Woman, Sue discovered that Colleen was not who she claimed to be and followed a lead to Rome, where Aidan and a partner of his arrested her. In this issue we will see Veedor explaining to Reed while Ben has to face all the monsters from Lowtown while in Invisible Woman we will see Sue trying to cooperate with Aidan so that the Moravian children are not hurt.

The story of this issue would begin (can contain SPOILERS. Avoid reading this part if you haven’t read it) with Ben Grimm defending himself from all the monsters of Ciudadbaja until gaining their loyalty while Cielo explains to Johnny Storm that they are twin souls as the Ataalmas dictates. While she shows him the city, Cielo explains the hard process that she had to go through to be incomparable in order to meet him one day. At the High Location tower, Veedor explains how his sighting caused them to take steps to protect themselves and empower themselves, even if there were flaws. However, Reed does not swallow that is his only secret and decides to escape with Sue and use a signal for her companions to see. On the other hand, in Invisible Woman, Aidan and his partner temporarily leave Sue without vision to cooperate with them, something that does not help them much because she manages to steal the switch that gives her vision. After questioning them why they want her, she agrees to help them under her breath for the freedom of the children of Moravia. Following her mission, Sue discovers Aidan’s true personality and is about to steal half of the invention, but an unexpected surprise leaves Sue speechless and shocked.

The Fantastic Four, no. 16. Sample page.In general, we are a quite revealing and explanatory number that clarifies a lot about the world of Chapytel, how they acquired their powers and how those monsters that live in Ciudadbaja were formed who hold a terrible grudge against both the Fantastic Four and those of Ciudadalta. Although we have quite intense moments with Ben Grimm where there is motivation in all the pores of the paper and love in all the vignettes of Heaven and Johnny, I think Dan Slott manages to intrigue more on the part of Reed and Veedor by seeing how this man explains all the events without even an iota of remorse for those people who did not “end well” And, although they do not say it, in the comic it is clear what happens to them, which makes it evident that Reed responds in that way with total naturalness. On the other hand, speaking of the Invisible Woman number, it is a bit of chaos when they explain the convoluted attacks and the plot of this number I have felt somewhat simple, although I liked Aidan’s personal detail. However, the cliffhanger has made me catch my attention fast.

As for the characters, Ben Grimm does not know what happens in CiudadbajaBut he doesn’t care as long as they don’t sit down to talk to him. Until then, our Ben defeats each of the monsters until he finally understands them and transmits the values ​​as only he knows how to do it. And that exact moment is one of the best. On the other hand, Cielo and Johnny begin their first steps and there is no denying that They have a little chemistry between them, but we still need to see them more in action so that it is not only the words that define that love, but the facts. On the other hand, Veedor is a vile and cruel boss who blindly follows the phrase “the end justifies the means” And that makes him a despicable person because then he neither values ​​nor thinks about those people who failed the test of the experiment. In another vein, Sue Storm shows great strength at the moment she could be weaker and swallows her pride in avoiding the death of the Moravian hostage children, but he does not think well about the consequence of his actions. Finally, Aidan takes off his mask and reveals himself as an easy-trigger psychopath who doesn’t mind killing if that makes things easier for him and reaching the goal he wants.

The Fantastic Four, no. 16. Sample page.On rhythmDan Slott gives us balanced times, giving each of the characters their space and plot in such a way that we feel that we are facing an entertaining and complete number. On the other hand, the pace of Mark Waid in this issue of Invisible Woman feels too hasty to close the plot, or, at least, is the impression it has given me.

On an artistic level, Sean Izaakse draws a remarkable drawing in this issue and, as the number develops, I wouldn’t mind if he took care of the header hereafter by how he takes care of the panels and certain aspects to make them showy. On the other hand, Mattia de Iulis continues to do a spectacular job with totally excellent pages and bullets with a good mastery of facial expressions.

In short, I consider that we are before a very entertaining and remarkable number of the Fantastic Four for how Dan Slott originally deals with the plot of Chapytel relating it to the origin of the Fantastic Four.

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