The director of Aves de Presa responds to the low box office of the film

Image Cathy Yan and Margot Robbie behind the scenes of Birds of Prey (2020)

The movie “Birds of Prey (and Harley Quin’s Fabulous Emancipation)” It has been especially low grossing. It is true that at a profitability level it can be saved thanks to its controlled budget, but even so it is far from the box office success that many, including the studio itself, hoped it would be, for the simple fact of having Margot Robbie in a role so protagonist.

Its collection exceeds 200 million dollars worldwide on a budget of 85 million dollars, which as we say cannot be described as a great failure, but it is true that expectations were very high, and the director Cathy Yan is very aware of it. In a chat with THR, Cathy Yan talked about the box office performance of the film and those expectations that there were, but she also seems to have a clear reason for the failure:

Yes, I think if you look at the details of the budget breakdown… I know that the studio had high expectations for the film, like all of us. There were also expectations to undo in a film directed by women, and what disappointed me the most was the idea that it might prove that we weren’t ready for this yet. It was an extra burden that, as a female director of color, I already had on me anyway. So, yes, I think there were different ways to interpret the success or the lack of success of the film, and everyone has the right to do so. But, I definitely feel like everyone was very quick to jump to certain points.

It would seem that the filmmaker attributes the low box office data to the fact that the public was not yet ready for that type of film, coupled with the fact that she had to face the usual barriers that still exist today for women, and more so as in Your case is not American.

Via information | The Hollywood Reporter

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