Sebastian Stan confirms there is still material to shoot from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Capture of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2020) in the Super Bowl spot

The Serie “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” It was in Europe, in its final stages of filming, when the coronavirus began to plague this area and became a pandemic. Although some of us optimistically think that perhaps this work could be done indoors in Atlanta, it has not been possible either, and although they have very little to do, the series has been directly affected by everything.

In new statements, the actor Sebastian Stan, who returns as Bucky for the series, reconfirms that there is still work to do in the series, but that obviously, still no return date to complete that job in the series.

It is not really in the foreground of my mind. You know, we were lucky to get far enough. We are not done. The plan is to come back whenever we can, whenever, to finish. Whenever we can get back to this and people can get back together, we can get back to it, but I don’t know right now.

The limited series of six episodes began filming on November 4, 2019 with a view to premiere this August, but the truth is that we do not know if the interruption of filming in early March will result in a delay in the premiere of the series in Disney +. This is the first Marvel Studios series for the streaming platform, but given the current situation, it has even led to an indefinite delay for “Black Widow”We do not know if there will be a general delay of absolutely the entire UCM.

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