Nicholas Hoult Still Interested in Being a Beast at UCM

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer Screenshot (2019)

The mutants. Those dear characters that we are looking forward to seeing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) at once but that certainly does not seem to be happening anytime soon, especially with the pandemic on our hands. However, there are several actors in the previous franchise, the Fox stage, who are applying to continue playing their characters when they make the leap at UCM, such as James Marsden or Sophie Turner. The last one who openly says he wants to return is Nicholas Hoult, who embodied the youngest version of Beast since “X Men First generation”.

As he sees it, there is still a lot to explore about the character, something logical and normal considering his increasingly secondary role in the X-Men prequel movies, and it is precisely the evolution of the characters that he likes the most , like many fans. For this reason, he is interested in knowing how they would continue it.

That was a fun evolution and that’s something I’m always looking for, how a character changes. And I think there is much more to explore with that character. So I’d be interested to know where they see he’s going next.

By his words it is understood that he would make the jump from the X-Men to the UCM as a continuation of the prequel movies, hence the idea of ​​evolution, which does not seem like it will be the movement made by Marvel Studios. Possibly there is a reboot that completely breaks everything that has been done with the mutants in these two decades at the hands of Fox (except for the part of Deadpool). However, we still don’t officially know what the plans are with the mutant franchise.

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