Marvel Studios paralyzes Eternals post-production

Eternals Logo (2020)

Marvel Studios reacts to the new dates of its release schedule by delaying the work it was doing so far. We know that the studio was still working on the post-production and editing of its films and series remotely, in order to advance processes, but with the current schedule, they can relax a bit with“Black Widow” or “Eternals”, who were in the post-production phase.

The first evidences of this have been detected by insider Jeremy Conrad when he saw the tweet published by one of the workers at Scanline, a company that was working on the special effects for “Eternals”. In his tweet he states that “An important client has canceled several of the large projects we had”, with the sad consequence, as has happened in many other sectors, that “All of us who were working on them are suspended from employment and salary until further notice”. It should not necessarily refer to “Eternals”, but by echoing your tweet on our Twitter account, the response received has been a blocking by the artist, thus confirming the suspicions.

Scanline was also linked to the movies “Black Widow” and to the future “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, in addition to the movie “The Batman”.

As we say, it is understandable that Marvel Studios decides to paralyze the post-production of a movie like this that according to the new calendar is ten months from its premiere in theaters, being only in the absence of a return to filming and special effects.

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